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A structured overview for GitLab Quick Actions found on

Generic: Issues, Merge Requests, Epics

/title <ti­tle>
Set or update title
Add to ToDo liste
/award :emoji:
Switch award emoji

Notifi­cation: Issues, Merge Requests, Epics

Enable notifi­cations
Disable notifi­cations

Comments: Issues, Merge Requests, Epics

Lock the comment section
Unlock the comment section
/shrug <co­mme­nt>
Append the comment with ¯­\_(­ツ)_/¯.
/tableflip <co­mme­nt>
Append the comment with (­╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

Issue specific

/move <pa­th/­to/­pro­jec­t>
Move issue to another project
/clone <pa­th/­to/­pro­jec­t>
Clones issue in current or given project
/duplicate #issue
Close current issue and mark duplicate to given issue - also marks them related
/relate #issue1 #issue2
Marks given issues as related
/copy_­met­adata #issue
Copies labels and milestone from the given issue
/iteration *itera­tio­n:"i­ter­ation name"
Set iteration
Removes iteration
/weight n
Sets weight of issue to n
Clears out weight
/milestone %milestone
Sets given milestone
Removes milestone
/due date
Set due date to date: "­202­0-1­2-3­1", "in 2 days", ­"this Friday­" or "­Dec­ember 31st"
Removes due date
/epic epic
Add to epic: &e­pic­, g­rou­p&epic or URL to an epic
Remove from epic
Make confid­ential
Promote to epic
Publish to associated status page
/zoom zoom_url
Add Zoom meeting to issue
Removes Zoom meeting

Labeling: Issues, Merge Requests, Epics

/label label1 label2
Add one or more labels
/relabel label1 label2
Replace current labels with the given ones
Remove all labels
/unlabel label1 label2
remove the given labels

Assign­ement: Issues, Merge Requests

/assign @user1 @user2
Assign one or more user
/assign me
Self-a­ssign item
/reassign @user1 @user2
Replace assign­ee(s) with given one(s)
/unassgin @user1 @user2
Unassign given user(s)
Remove (all) assign­ee(s)

Time tracking: Issues, Merge Requests

/estimate nw nd nh nm
Set estimated time e.g.
/estimate 1w 2d 3h 4m
Remove time estimate
/spend time(nh nm) date(Y­YYY­-MM-DD)
Add or substract spent time, optional specify a date the time was spent on.
Remove time spent

Merge Request specific

/creat­e_m­erg­e_r­equest branch­_name
Create a new merge request starting from the current issue
/targe­t_b­ranch local_­bra­nch­_name
Set target branch
Toggle draft status
Approve the merge request
Submit a pending review
Merge changes. Depending on the project setting, this may be when the pipeline succeeds, adding to a Merge Train, etc.
/copy_­met­adata !merge­_re­quest
Copy labels and milestone from another merge request in the project

Epic specific

/paren­t_epic epic
Set parent epic to epic
Remove parent epic
/child­_epic epic
Add child epic to epic
/remov­e_c­hil­d_epic epic
Remove child epic from epic
An epic value can be provided in form of &e­­pic­, g­rou­­p&epic or URL to an epic


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