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Linux & Git Cheat Sheet by

Cheatsheet including important commands used in Linux and Git

Linux basic commands

shows Present working directory
changes Directory
cd ~
changes directory to home
cd ..
goes one directory behind
shows list of direct­ories and files in current working directory
ls -l
shows list of direct­ories in long format
ls -a
shows all files and directoies including hidden ones
ls <di­rectory name>
shows list of direct­ories and files in specified directory
ls -lS > file.txt
saves list in long form to txt file in pwd
Echoes input
cat <te­xtf­ile­nam­e>
Displays content of file or files

Linux redire­ction

cat > test.txt
Creates a file named test.txt and records data given below
cat > test.txt (again)
Overwrites previous data
cat >> test.txt
appends data
cat [textf­ile1] [textf­ile2] > [new or existing file]
concat­enates textfile1 and textfile2 and saves to new file
mkdir [direc­tor­yname]
creates a directory
mkdir -p [dir]/­[su­bdir]
creates a path of direct­ories
mkdir -p [dir]/­{su­bdi­r1,­sub­dir­2,s­ubdir3}
Create multiple subdir­ect­ories in one directory
Remove directory
rmdir -p a/b/c/d/e
removes entire directory path
rmdir pv (verbose)
Shows how removal will work
removes file
cp [file1.txt] [dirname]
copies file1.txt to the specified directory
cp -r
copies recurs­ively
man <any comman­d>
Displays manual for that command
mv [file1.txt] [dirname]
move file1.txt from current dir to specified directory
touch <fi­len­ame>
creates file quickly
touch <ex­ist­ing­fil­e>
updates time stamp of file
opens file editor
opens vim file editor
executes command as superuser

Linux advanced

displays processes running on the computer
s (in top menu)
changes refresh rate
i (in top menu)
shows idle processes
k (in top menu)
kills process using PID
pid of
finds process id of process using name
kill [PID]
kills process for given process id
kill -9 [PID]
Force stop
ps -ux
Gives list of running processes and finds PIDs
ps -aux
Gives list of all running processes and finds PIDs
ps -U [user]
displays list of running processes for given user
ps -C
to know the instances of that program
displays whatever we type (useful in bash scripting)
Utility to change permission of the file
get(just reads)
sudo apt -get update
updates system
Exits superuser or terminal
ssh -i ./[file] [usern­ame­]@[ip]
establ­ishes ssh connection
prints a summary of key server statis­tics, processes, cpu, disk space

git commands

apt-get install git
installs git on linux
git init
initia­lizes empty git repository in folder
git add <file name>
stages file for commitment
git add .
stages all files for commitment
git commit -m "­<no­te>­"
commits staged files
git status
shows status of files
git branch
shows all branches
git branch <branch name>
creates new branch
git switch <branch name>
switches branch
git checkout <branch name>
switches branch
git merge <branch name>
merges the specified branch with current branch
git rebase <branch name>
merges the specified branch with current branch and adds commit ahead of present commits
git stash
used to store changes when we want to move to a different directory without committing current changes
git push -u origin master
pushing changes to central github repository
git --help
shows all commands
git restore --<­staged file name>
untrack file


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