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BSPWM Keyboard Shortcuts by

bspwm keybinding default endeavouros

wm indepe­ndent hotkeys

super + return
super + d
program launcher
super + ctrl + d
show open window
super + shift + d
show ssh sessions
super + shift + e
super + Escape
reload sxhkd


super + {_, shift + } {h, j, k, l}
focus the node in the given direction
super + {p, b, comma, period}
focus the node for the given path jump
super + {_, shift + } c
focus the next/p­revious window in the current desktop
super + bracket {left, right}
focus the next/p­revious desktop in the current monitor
super + {grave, tab}
focus the last node/d­esktop
super + {o, i}
focus the older or newer node in the focus history
super + {_, shift + } {1-9, 0}
focus or send to the given desktop

bspwm hotkeys

super + alt + {q, r}
quit/r­estart bspwm
super + {_, shift + } q
close and kill
super + m
alternate between tiled and monocle layout
super + y
send the newest marked node to the newest presel­ected node
super + g
swap the current node and the biggest window


super + ctrl + {h, j, k, l}
preselect the direction
super + ctrl + {1-9}
preselect the radio
super + ctrl + space
cancel the presel­ection for the focused node
super + ctrl + shift + space
cancel the presel­ection for the focused desktop


super + alt + {h, j, k, l}
expand a window by moving one of its outward
super + alt + shift + {h, j, k, l}
contract a window by moving one of its side inward
super + {Left, Down, Up, Right}
move a floating window


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