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Tarot card names and meanings

Major Arcana

Upright Meaning
Reversed Meaning
The Fool
beginn­ings, freedom, innocence, origin­ality, adventure, idealism, sponta­neity
reckless, careless, distra­cted, naive, foolish, gullible, stale, dull
The Magician
willpower, desire, being resour­ceful, skill, ability, concen­tra­tion, manife­station
manipu­lation, cunning, trickery, wasted talent, illusion, deception
The High Priestess
uncons­cious, intuition, mystery, spirit­uality, higher power, inner voice
repressed intuition, hidden motives, superf­ici­ality, confusion, cognitive dissonance
The Empress
divine feminine, sensua­lity, fertility, nurturing, creati­vity, beauty, abundance, nature
insecu­rity, overbe­aring, neglig­ence, smothe­ring, lack of growth, lack of progress
The Emperor
stability, structure, protec­tion, authority, control, practi­cality, focus, discipline
tyrant, domine­ering, rigid, stubborn, lack of discip­line, reckle­ssness
The Hierophant
tradition, social groups, conven­tio­nality, confor­mity, education, knowledge, beliefs
rebellion, unconv­ent­ion­ality, non-co­nfo­rmity, new methods, ignorance
The Lovers
love, unions, partne­rships, relati­ons­hips, choices, romance, balance, unity
dishar­mony, imbalance, conflict, detach­ment, bad choices, indecision
The Chariot
success, ambition, determ­ina­tion, willpower, control, self-d­isc­ipline, focus
forceful, no direction, no control, powerless, aggres­sion, obstacles
courage, bravery, confid­ence, compas­sion, self-c­onf­idence, inner power
self-d­oubt, weakness, low confid­ence, inadeq­uacy, cowardice, forcef­ulness
The Hermit
self-r­efl­ection, intros­pec­tion, contem­pla­tion, withdr­awal, solitude, search for self
loneli­ness, isolation, recluse, being anti-s­ocial, rejection, returning to society
Wheel of Fortune
change, cycles, fate, decisive moments, luck, fortune, unexpected events
bad luck, lack of control, clinging to control, unwelcome changes, delays
justice, karma, conseq­uence, accoun­tab­ility, law, truth, honesty, integrity, cause and effect
injustice, retrib­ution, dishon­esty, corrup­tion, dishon­esty, unfair­ness, avoiding accoun­tab­ility
The Hanged Man
sacrifice, waiting, uncert­ainty, lack of direction, perspe­ctive, contem­plation
stalling, disint­erest, stagna­tion, avoiding sacrifice, stands­till, apathy
transf­orm­ation, endings, change, transi­tion, letting go, release
fear of change, repeating negative patterns, resisting change, stagnancy, decay
balance, peace, patience, modera­tion, calm, tranqu­illity, harmony, serenity
imbalance, excess, extremes, discord, reckle­ssness, hastiness
The Devil
oppres­sion, addiction, obsession, depend­ency, excess, powerl­ess­ness, limita­tions
indepe­ndence, freedom, revela­tion, release, reclaiming power, reclaiming control
The Tower
disaster, destru­ction, upheaval, trauma, sudden change, chaos
averting disaster, delaying the inevit­able, resisting change
The Star
hope, inspir­ation, positi­vity, faith, renewal, healing, rejuve­nation
hopele­ssness, despair, negati­vity, lack of faith, despondent
The Moon
illusion, intuition, uncert­ainty, confusion, comple­xity, secrets, uncons­cious
fear, deception, anxiety, misund­ers­tan­ding, misint­erp­ret­ation, clarity, unders­tanding
The Sun
happiness, success, optimism, vitality, joy, confid­ence, truth
blocked happiness, excessive enthus­iasm, pessimism, unreal­istic expect­ations, concei­tedness
self-e­val­uation, awakening, renewal, purpose, reflec­tion, reckoning
self-d­oubt, lack of self-a­war­eness, failure to learn lessons, self-l­oathing
The World
comple­tion, achiev­ement, fulfil­ment, sense of belonging, wholeness, harmony
lack of closure, lack of achiev­ement, feeling incomp­lete, emptiness
These cards follow a storyline that tells of the spiritual travels taken from the innocent wonder of The Fool to the oneness and fulfilment of The World. In other words, these cards tell the story of humanity's spiritual evolution into enligh­tenment and indivi­dua­tion.

Minor Arcana (Wands)

Upright Meaning
Reversed Meaning
Ace of Wands
inspir­ation, creative spark, new initia­tive, new passion, enthus­iasm, energy
delays, blocks, lack of passion, lack of energy, hesitancy, creative blocks
Two of Wands
planning, first steps, making decisions, leaving comfort, taking risks
bad planning, overan­aly­sing, not taking action, playing it safe, avoiding risk
Three of Wands
momentum, confid­ence, expansion, growth, foresight, looking ahead
restri­ction, limita­tions, lack of progress, obstacles, delays, frustr­ation
Four of Wands
community, home, celebr­ations, reunions, parties, gather­ings, stability, belonging
lack of support, instab­ility, feeling unwelcome, transi­ence, lack of roots, home conflict
Five of Wands
conflict, compet­ition, arguments, aggres­sion, tension, rivals, clashes of ego
end of conflict, cooper­ation, agreem­ents, truces, harmony, peace, avoiding conflict
Six of Wands
success, victory, triumph, rewards, recogn­ition, praise, acclaim, pride
failure, lack of recogn­ition, no rewards, lack of achiev­ement
Seven of Wands
protec­tiv­eness, standing up for yourself, defending yourself, protecting territory
giving up, admitting defeat, yielding, lack of self belief, surrender
Eight of Wands
movement, speed, progress, quick decisions, sudden changes, excitement
waiting, slowness, chaos, delays, losing momentum, hastiness, being unprepared
Nine of Wands
last stand, persis­tence, grit, resili­ence, persev­erance, close to success, fatigue
stubbo­rnness, rigidity, defens­ive­ness, refusing compro­mise, giving up
Ten of Wands
burden, respon­sib­ility, duty, stress, obliga­tion, burning out, struggles
failure to delegate, should­ering too much respon­sib­ility, collapse, breakdown
Page of Wands
adventure, excite­ment, fresh ideas, cheerf­ulness, energetic, fearless, extrov­erted
hasty, impatient, lacking ideas, tantrums, laziness, boring, unreli­able, distracted
Knight of Wands
courag­eous, energetic, charming, hero, rebell­ious, hot tempered, free spirit
arrogant, reckless, impatient, lack of self control, passive, volatile, domine­ering
Queen of Wands
confident, self-a­ssured, passio­nate, determ­ined, social, charis­matic, vivacious, optimistic
demanding, vengeful, low confid­ence, jealous, selfish, temper­ame­ntal, bully
King of Wands
leader­ship, vision, big picture, taking control, daring decisions, boldness, optimism
forceful, domine­ering, tyrant, vicious, powerless, ineffe­ctive, weak leader
Associated with the element of fire, the suit of wands represents passion, inspir­ation and willpower. The wands imbue their users with primal energy, for it is through them that the cycle of creation can begin. Because of their ability to bring energy into any situation, they are also associated with action, ambition and making plans.

Minor Arcana (Cups)

Upright Meaning
Reversed Meaning
Ace of Cups
love, new feelings, emotional awakening, creati­vity, spirit­uality, intuition
coldness, emptiness, emotional loss, blocked creati­vity, feeling unloved, gloominess
Two of Cups
unity, partne­rship, attrac­tion, connec­tion, close bonds, joining forces, mutual respect
separa­tion, rejection, division, imbalance, tension, bad commun­ica­tion, withdrawal
Three of Cups
friend­ship, community, gather­ings, celebr­ations, group events, social events
gossip, scandal, excess, isolation, loneli­ness, solitude, imbalanced social life
Four of Cups
apathy, contem­pla­tion, feeling discon­nected, melanc­holy, boredom, indiff­erence, discontent
clarity, awareness, accept­ance, choosing happiness, depres­sion, negativity
Five of Cups
loss, grief, disapp­oin­tment, sadness, mourning, discon­tent, feeling let down
accept­ance, moving on, finding peace, conten­tment, seeing positives
Six of Cups
nostalgia, memories, famili­arity, healing, comfort, sentim­ent­ality, pleasure
stuck in past, moving forward, leaving home, indepe­ndence
Seven of Cups
choices, searching for purpose, illusion, fantasy, daydre­aming, wishful thinking, indecision
lack of purpose, disarray, confusion, diversion, distra­ctions, clarity, making choices
Eight of Cups
abando­nment, walking away, letting go, searching for truth, leaving behind
stagna­tion, monotony, accepting less, avoidance, fear of change, staying in bad situation
Nine of Cups
wishes coming true, conten­tment, satisf­action, success, achiev­ements, recogn­ition, pleasure
unhapp­iness, lack of fulfil­ment, disapp­oin­tment, undera­chi­eve­ment, arrogance, snobbery
Ten of Cups
happiness, homeco­mings, fulfil­ment, emotional stability, security, domestic harmony
unhappy home, separa­tion, domestic conflict, dishar­mony, isolation
Page of Cups
idealism, sensit­ivity, dreamer, naïveté, innocence, inner child, head in the clouds
emotional vulner­abi­lity, immatu­rity, neglecting inner child, escapism, insecurity
Knight of Cups
idealist, charming, artistic, graceful, tactful, diplom­atic, mediator, negotiator
disapp­oin­tment, tantrums, moodiness, turmoil, avoiding conflict, vanity
Queen of Cups
compas­sion, warmth, kindness, intuition, healer, counse­llor, supportive
insecu­rity, giving too much, overly­-se­nsi­tive, needy, fragile, depend­ence, martyrdom
King of Cups
wise, diplom­atic, balance between head and heart, devoted, advisor, counsellor
overwh­elmed, anxious, cold, repressed, withdrawn, manipu­lative, selfish
The suit of cups rules over all that is associated with emotions, the uncons­cious, creati­vity, and intuition. They frequently talk about relati­ons­hips, whether romantic or otherwise, and one's imagin­ation and inner world. They are associated with the element of water, which becomes a frequent visual theme within this suit.

Minor Arcana (Swords)

Upright Meaning
Reversed Meaning
Ace of Swords
clarity, breakt­hrough, new idea, concen­tra­tion, vision, force, focus, truth
confusion, miscom­mun­ica­tion, hostility, arguments, destru­ction, brutality
Two of Swords
stalemate, difficult choices, stuck in the middle, denial, hidden inform­ation
indeci­sion, hesitancy, anxiety, too much inform­ation, no right choice, truth revealed
Three of Swords
heartb­reak, separa­tion, sadness, grief, sorrow, upset, loss, trauma, tears
healing, forgiv­eness, recovery, reconc­ili­ation, repressing emotions
Four of Swords
rest, relaxa­tion, peace, sanctuary, recupe­ration, self-p­rot­ection, rejuve­nation
recovery, awakening, re-ent­ering world, release from isolation, restle­ssness, burnout
Five of Swords
arguments, disputes, aggres­sion, bullying, intimi­dation, conflict, hostility, stress
reconc­ili­ation, resolu­tion, compro­mise, revenge, regret, remorse, cutting losses
Six of Swords
moving on, departure, leaving behind, distance, accepting lessons
stuck in past, returning to trouble, running away from problems, trapped
Seven of Swords
lies, trickery, scheming, strategy, resour­cef­ulness, sneaki­ness, cunning
confes­sion, consci­ence, regret, malici­ous­ness, truth revealed
Eight of Swords
trapped, restri­cted, victim­ised, paralysed, helpless, powerless, impris­onment
freedom, release, taking control, survivor, facing fears, empowered, surrender
Nine of Swords
fear, anxiety, negati­vity, breaking point, despair, nightm­ares, isolation
recovery, learning to cope, facing life, finding help, shame, guilt, mental health issues
Ten of Swords
ruin, failure, bitter­ness, collapse, exhaus­tion, dead end, victim­isa­tion, betrayal
survival, improv­ement, healing, lessons learned, despair, relapse
Page of Swords
curious, witty, chatty, commun­ica­tive, inspired, vigilant, alert, mental agility
scatte­rbr­ained, cynical, sarcastic, gossipy, insulting, rude, lack of planning
Knight of Swords
assertive, direct, impatient, intell­ectual, daring, focused, perfec­tio­nist, ambitious
rude, tactless, forceful, bully, aggres­sive, vicious, ruthless, arrogant
Queen of Swords
honest, indepe­ndent, princi­pled, fair, constr­uctive criticism, objective, perceptive
pessim­istic, malicious, manipu­lative, harsh, bitter, spiteful, cruel, deceitful, unforg­iving
King of Swords
reason, authority, discip­line, integrity, morality, serious, high standards, strict
irrati­onal, dictator, oppres­sive, inhumane, contro­lling, cold, ruthless, dishonest
The swords is the suit of intell­igence, logic, truth, ambition, conflict and commun­ica­tion. It is associated with the element of air. In readings, these cards focus on the faculty and power of intellect, which like the swords themse­lves, are double­-edged.

Minor Arcana (Penta­cles)

Upright Meaning
Reversed Meaning
Ace of Pentacles
new opport­uni­ties, resources, abundance, prospe­rity, security, stability, manife­station
missed chances, scarcity, defici­ency, instab­ility, stingi­ness, bad invest­ments
Two of Pentacles
balancing resources, adapta­tion, resour­cef­ulness, flexib­ility, stretching resources
imbalance, unorga­nised, overwh­elmed, messiness, chaos, overex­tending
Three of Pentacles
teamwork, shared goals, collab­ora­tion, appren­tic­eship, effort, pooling energy
lack of cohesion, lack of teamwork, apathy, poor motiva­tion, conflict, ego, compet­ition
Four of Pentacles
posses­siv­eness, insecu­rity, hoarding, stingi­ness, stability, security, savings, materi­alism, wealth, frugality, bounda­ries, guarde­dness
genero­sity, giving, spending, openness, financial insecu­rity, reckless spending
Five of Pentacles
hardship, loss, isolation, feeling abandoned, adversity, struggle, unempl­oyment, aliena­tion, disgrace
positive changes, recovery from loss, overcoming adversity, forgiv­eness, feeling welcomed
Six of Pentacles
genero­sity, charity, community, material help, support, sharing, giving and receiving, gratitude
power dynamics, abuse of genero­sity, strings attached gifts, inequa­lity, extortion
Seven of Pentacles
harvest, rewards, results, growth, progress, persev­erance, patience, planning
unfinished work, procra­sti­nation, low effort, waste, lack of growth, setbacks, impati­ence, lack of reward
Eight of Pentacles
skill, talent, crafts­man­ship, quality, high standards, expertise, mastery, commit­ment, dedica­tion, accomp­lis­hment
lack of quality, rushed job, bad reputa­tion, lack of motiva­tion, medioc­rity, laziness, low skill, dead-end job
Nine of Pentacles
rewarded efforts, success, achiev­ement, indepe­ndence, leisure, material security, self-s­uff­iciency
being guarded, living beyond means, material instab­ility, reckless spending, superf­ici­ality
Ten of Pentacles
legacy, roots, family, ancestry, inheri­tance, windfall, founda­tions, privilege, affluence, stability, tradition
family disputes, bankru­ptcy, debt, fleeting success, conflict over money, instab­ility, breaking traditions
Page of Pentacles
ambitious, diligent, goal oriented, planner, consis­tent, star student, studious, grounded, loyal, faithful, dependable
foolish, immature, irresp­ons­ible, lazy, undera­chi­ever, procra­sti­nator, missed chances, poor prospects
Knight of Pentacles
practical, reliable, efficient, stoic, slow and steady, hard-w­orking, committed, patient, conser­vative
workah­olic, laziness, dull, boring, no initia­tive, cheap, irresp­ons­ible, gambler, risky invest­ments
Queen of Pentacles
generous, caring, nurturing, homebody, good business sense, practical, comfor­ting, welcoming, sensible, luxurious
selfish, unkempt, jealous, insecure, greedy, materi­ali­stic, gold digger, intole­rant, self-a­bso­rbed, envious
King of Pentacles
abundance, prospe­rity, security, ambitious, safe, kind, patria­rchal, protec­tive, busine­ssman, provider, sensual, reliable
greed, materi­ali­stic, wasteful, chauvi­nist, poor financial decisions, gambler, exploi­tative, possessive
The pentacles is the suit of all things worldly and material. Though we will immedi­ately think of the pentacles as relating to financial matters, we also can understand them as being associated with security, stability, nature, health, and prospe­rity. The pentacles are of earth element.


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