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Make Motivation - The Procrastination Playbook Cheat Sheet by

Learn How to Make Motivation


The Motivation Cycle

Making Motivation Flowchart

Key Terms

Vivid Outcome
A clear image of what it will be like when there are no more actions left..
Unqu­alified Desire
The sense of wanting something without resist­ance.
Playful Resolve
The sense that you WILL achieve something, and that you'll have fun doing it.

Motiva­tional Contra­sting

How to Create a Vision Plan

Creating a "Play List"


How to Express Love To Yourself

Pretend You Are A..
Talking To A...
Parent (With Uncond­itional Love)
Best Friend
Pet Owner
Puppy (Or Other Cute Animal)

Transi­tioning From Self-L­oathing to Self-Love

The Morning Lovefest Habit

Every morning, spend some talking to yourself using your self-love expression tools. Get into a habit of expressing love to yourself!

The Play Maker - Generating Playfu­lness

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