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Useful Linux Commands for Webdevelopers

Directory / Files

cd Direct­­or­yname
Change Directory
List Items in Current Directory
ls -lha
List Items with extra Info in Current Directory
mkdir Direct­­or­yname
Make Directory in Current Directory
mv Filename (new Location or Filename)
Move or Rename File or Folder
mv -R Filename (new Location or Filename)
Move or Rename File or Folder including subdir­­ec­torys
cp Filename (Copied Filename)
Copy an File
cp -R Direct­­or­yname (Copied Direct­­or­y­name)
Copy an Directory


tar -czvf Backup­­na­m­e­.tgz .
Backup complete Content from Current Directory
tar -czvf --ex­c­lu­­de=­­"­­E­­xcl­­ud­e­D­at­­a­­" Backup­­na­m­e­.tgz .
Backup Content from Current Directory with Excludes
tar -xzvf Backup­­na­m­e­.t­gz
Extract Backup in Current Directory
mysq­­ldump -u User -p­­Pa­s­sword DBName -h Host > Backup­­na­m­e­.s­ql
Backu­­p/­E­xport Database to Current Directory
mysql -u User -p­­Pa­s­sword DBName -h Host < Backup­­na­m­e­.s­ql
Import Backup from Current Directory to Database

VI / VIM Editor

vim Filename
creat­­e/edit File
vi Filename
creat­­e/edit File
In Editor Command Mode
To Save the File
To Close the Editor
:wq or :x
To Save and Close the Editor
? Word
To Search in the File
Press i
To switch to Insert Mode
In Editor Insert Mode
Press ESC
To exit the Insert Mode and go to Command Mode
Impo­­rt­ant Don't use Stuff like CTRL + S this will crash Putty

Expert User Stuff

grep -rnw -e "­­­S­e­ar­­chw­­or­d­­" *
Search in Current Directory
scp -C ssh-us­­er­n­a­me­­@­­­s­s­h-­­hos­­t­­­­/pa­­th­/­t­o/file .
Download File over SSH from an Server
wget url
Download File over http/h­­ttps
alias new-co­­mm­a­n­dn­­ame­­=­­"­­C­­omm­­an­d­"
Create an Alias for the Current Session
Clears the Terminal
Shows the History of Commands
Impo­­rt­ant If you want an Alias working every time you loging in you need to add it in the .bas­­hrc file

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