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intelij Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

mac hotckeys intelij

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


⌥ ⌥ (hold) ↑/↓
add carets above/­below
⇧ ⌘ 8
Toggle column selection
⌃ G
Select multiple occurr­ences of a word or text range
⌃ ⌘ G
Select All Occurr­ences of a word or text range
⌥ ⇧ G
Add carets to the end of each line in the selected block

Generate code

⌘ J
Insert Live Template
⌘ N
Generate (searc­h/s­elect)
⌥ ⌘ T
Surround With
⌃ O
Override a method of a superclass
⌃ I
Implement methods
live template docs denne brukes for å genere kode