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Evaluating information and resources Cheat Sheet by

Assessing the quality and relevance of resources for academic and research purposes.


* When was this posted­/pu­bli­shed?
* Has this inform­ation been revise­d/u­pdated?
* Is it important to have the latest inform­ation, or will older sources work?


* Who is the author, publisher, or source?
* What are their creden­tials?
* Is the source trustw­orthy?
* Can I find out any more inform­ation?
* If a website, what does the URL tell me about the source?


* What does the inform­ation do?
* Is the purpose clear and the point of view impartial or are there biases?
* Is the inform­ation fact, opinion, or propag­anda?


* Does it relate to my research or answer my question?
* Is it at an approp­riate level?
* Have I looked at various sources to see if this one is relevant to me?
* Am I comfor­table citing this as a reputable source for my research?


* Where does the inform­ation come from?
* Is it supported by current evidence?
* Can I verify any of the inform­ation in another reliable source?
* Does the tone or language seem balanced, unbiased, and free from errors?


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