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Plate tectonics and plate boundary by

types of plate tectonics

divergent: moves apart from eachother
conver­gent: moves towards eachother
Transform: slides pass eachother
tectonic plates moving can cause:
earthq­uakes, mountains, volcanoes, ocean ridges­/tr­enches, subduction


lithos­phere is constantly moving but in a very slow motion
these motions are not the same everywhere
the movement of the lithos­phere is called "­tec­ton­ics­"
Plate tectonics theory:
the entire lithos­phere of the earth is broken into numerous segments called PLATES

geologic structures

mountain ranges

Major plates and Minor plates

Major plates:
Minor plates:
pacific plate
philippine plate
north american plate
nazca plate
Eurassian plate
scotia plate
African plate
cocos plate
Antartic plate
caribbean plate
Indo-A­ust­rillian plate
arabian plate
South American plate
autrialian plate
Contin­ental crust- thicker but less dense
Oceanic crust- Thinner but denser

Four layers of the earth

inner core
outer core
the epicenter is where the vibration is and the focus is the exact location of the earthq­uake.
the graphical record of an earthquake is called "­SEI­SMO­GRA­M" and its device is "­SEI­SMO­GRA­PH"


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