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JIRA Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to dashboard
g then d
Browse Project
g then p
Go to recent agile board
g then a / g then h
Go to Issue Navigator
g then i
Admini­str­ation Search Dialog
g then g
Quick Search
Create an Issue
Shortcut Keys Help
Dashboards drop down menu
Projects drop down menu
Issues drop down menu
Agile drop down menu
Form Submit
Cancel Form
Keys 'x then y' must be pressed within approx. 1 sec of first.
[M] Modifier keys: Vary by browser and OS, OSX: FFx:Ctrl Saf:Ctrl+Alt Win: FFx:Alt+Shift Linux: FFx:Alt+Shift

Agile (Board) Shortcuts

Next Issue
Previous Issue
Next Column
Previous Column
Expand­/Co­llapse All Swimlanes
Hide/Show Detail View
View Issue
Add a New Line
Submit changes
Cancel changes
Assign to Me
Send to Top
s then t
Send to Bottom
s then b
Edit Issue
Projector Mode

Issue Statuses

Incomi­ng/On Hold
The task is not ready to be worked on
Ready For Work
The task is ready for work and can be picked up
In Progress
The task is being worked on
Internal Review
The task must be reviewed internally by someone other than the task worker
Approved Internally
The task has been checked internally and can be deployed to staging
Client Review
The client must review the changes on staging
Task is ready to deploy to live
Deployed / On Live
Task is deployed and must be checked before closing
The task is now closed and will not appear on the board


Quick Search
The search box at the top will search all issues across all projects
Searching a project
Navigate to the project issues and use the "View all issues and filter­s" option to customize the search
Saving Filters
Once you've created a useful filter, you can save it for later
Filters on boards and widgets
Saved filters can be used to provide the issues list for dashboard widgets and for boards


A task that will prevent other tasks being completed.
To separate the JIRA term for "­Pro­jec­t" from an actual project, we use the term Build.
A component is a sub-di­vision of a JIRA Project, we use Components to refer to Build work
The task has passed client acceptance and has been put onto the live site/s­ystem.
represents a task or bug with a block of work for a particular project
JQL stands for JIRA Query Language, used for advanced issue filtering.
Used to determine how important a task is, not the order in which it should be worked on.
In JIRA a Project is at the top of the hierarchy, we use Projects to represent the Client
The order in which the tasks should be completed
Task Scope
Used to define whether the task it part of a new build or mainte­nance of a previous one.

JIRA terms and how we use them

JIRA: Project
We use projects to represent a single client
JIRA: Component
We use components to represent a project
JIRA: Board
A board is a view on a set of filtered tasks