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Feedback and Techniques Cheat Sheet by

Definition, recomendations and techniques to give feedback in a ESL classroom for adults.

Feedback and techniques

Feedback is the return of inform­ation. In the case of teaching, feedback is an important tool to use with the students. Feedback is important to let the student know what they can improve or change. However We need to know how to give good feedback to our students, if we do not give it to them it will affect to their self-e­steem.

Techniques for giving feedback

1.To prize new accomp­lis­hments you can use prior ones to show the student their progress.
2. You can focus the feedback into the behavior of the student towards the task.
3. Give effective feedback when the task and the student deserve, not only for any task.
4. Give effective feedback for specific tasks not only for partic­ipa­ting.


Recome­nda­tions to give proper feedback to our students.
When we give feedback, we usually say: good?, all right, okay, etc. or we use the same answer of the student what with a intonation that recall the student that it is incorrect. These types of feedback are the most common, but not always the most effect­ives.
To give proper feedback we have to be aware of the student we are giving feedback. We need to monitor our students and develop the feedback into an opporunity of learning. We don´t want our students to feel ashamed by the mistakes or we do not want to make them feel like a knows everyt­hing. We have to be careful to keep that thin line while giving feedback.




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