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Ch 20 Toxicology Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Non-Rx Drugs That Require C-R Containers

   ex: naphaz­oline
 ­ ­ ex: oxymet­azoline
   ex: naphaz­oline
 ­ ­ ex: oxymet­azoline
Also includes drug that have been switched to Rx to OTC status

Overdose Recogn­ition + Initial Management

Topical Exposure
1. Remove contam­inated clothes
2. Run water over skin for 10 mins
3. Wash w/ soap & rinse
Ocular Exposure
1. Remove ct lenses
2. Rinse eyes with tap/hose (gentle stream) for at least 15 mins
Oral Ingestion
1. Remove anything in mouth
2. Collect any suspect containers
3. Bring to ED
Call 911 If
1. Pt is unconscious
2. Difficulty breathing
3. Appears agitated
4. Having a seizure
Oral Ingestion Important Notes:
Instruct others NOT to give Ipecac syrup,
Do NOT induce vomitting

ABC: Airway Breathing Circulation

Common Ingested Substances

Household Cleaning Products
Cosmetic Products
Sedative Hypnotics
Cardio­vas­cular Meds

Decont­ami­nation w/ Activated Charcoal

1. For specific types of orally ingested drugs
    -Most effective when used within 1 hr
2. Charcoal absorbs the drug
    -Prevents GI absorp­tio­n/s­ystemic toxicity
3. Dose: 1g/kg
4. Usually one one dose is administered
    -Consider multiple doses if:
       1. Carbamazepine
       2. Dapsone
       3. Phenobarbital
       4. Quinine
       5. Theoph­ylline
Contra­ind­icated when:
 ­ ­ ­ - Airway is unprotected
    - Compound increases aspiration risk
         - Ex: Hydrocarbons
     - Intestinal obstruction
     - GI that's not intact
     - Decreased perist­alsis
Make sure the GI tract is Ok because the activated charcoal has to be expelled