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Endocrine toxicology Quiz 1 Cheat Sheet by

Study sheet for lecture 1 quiz

Dirty Dozen EDCs

Perflu­ori­nated chemicals
Organo­pho­sphate pesticides
Fire retardants
Glycol Ethers
A list of endocrine disrup­ters: 12 hormon­e-a­ltering chemicals

Why did endosulfan cause serious defects?

It was dumped into rivers and caused increased DNA strand breaks.

Time periods in The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler

The Industrial Revolution (The 2nd Wave) began in the 18th century.
KNOW it was from 1820-1840. It began in Britain and within a few decades it spread
Inform­ation Technology (The 3rd Wave)

Enviro­nmental Impact of Industrial Revolution

Water pollution including ground aquifers
loss of oxygen­ation
resource depletion
more CO2 in air

Air Pollution

Sulfur dioxide gets released into atmosphere
Acid rain = sulfur dioxide

Acid Rain

Acid rain is Sulfur dioxide + nitric oxide
When the emissions travel long distances secondary pollutants form
Nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, acid vapor, sulfuric acid, sulfate, nitrate salts


large part is ground­-level ozone. (TOXIC)
Ozone = nitrogen oxides and hydroc­arbons react with oxygen. Catalyzed by sunlight.

Chromium Land Pollution

Open cast mining leaves TONS of reject minerals
Rain washes away toxic chromium
50 Year Lifespan
85% of Sukinda Valley population suffers from “pollution induced” diseases
Skin cancers occurred in Hinkley, California

Uranium Contam­ination in Navajo nation

Chromium and Uranium mines not cleaned up
People not notified of radiation
Some people live less than quarter mile

Pesticide: DDT

Not used in USA but USA still exports it
Most pesticides kill more than just pests
How does DDT affect birds?
birds metabolize DDT to DTE. They lay soft shell eggs

Land Pollution

Leads to water pollution.
Chemicals washed into bodies of water

Point Source Water Pollution

Easy to find and control
& can be Reduced and Monitored
Sewage system
Power plans
Underg­round coal mines
oil wells

Non-point sources

Hard to find. Cannot control
Rain and Snow move through the ground and pick up pollutants
Runoff of fertilizer from farm
Storm water drainage from lawns, parking lots, streets


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