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HMI Git/Gerrit Cheat Sheet by

Git and Gerrit with BCI


Iden­tifying a commit
Use first 4+ hash chars to identify a commit
git checkout 3e95 = git checkout 3e95b6­ad4­6ca­fd9­757­1b5­c05­7e1­ee5­dac­e5c­044b

Local changes

Changes in your working directory
git status
Add a single file to the next commit
git add filen­ame
Add all current changes to the next commit
git add .
Create a new commit from the previously added files
git commit
Modify an existing commit with the previously added files
git commit --amend
Delete all unvers­ioned files
git clean -f -n

Working with branches

Switching to a branch (HMI-1­23456)
git checkout HMI-12­3456
Pull HMI_master and rebase on top of it
git pull --rebase HMI_ma­ster
List all branches
git branch -a
Delete a branch (HMI-1­23456)
git branch -d HMI-12­3456
Cherry pick commit HASH to current branch
git cherry­-pick HASH

Rewriting history

Show last 3 commits
git log -3
Resetting to the previous commit (keep changes in workarea)
git reset HEAD~1
Resetting to the previous commit (revert changes)
git reset --hard HEAD~1
Reset to any commit by hash
git reset HASH

Gerrit / BCI

1. Create commit
git add .
git commit -m "­HMI­-123456 test"
2. Create a new branch named HMI-123456
git checkout -b HMI-12­3456
3. Push the commit to Gerrit
git push origin HMI-12­345­6:r­efs­/fo­r/H­MI_­mas­ter­%to­pic­=HM­I-1­23456
or Push to Gerrit with mhg
mgit ptg HMI-12­3456
Ticket ID in the example is HMI-123456

Finding your change on Gerrit

Check the link in push to Gerrit output
remote: Updated Changes:

Monitoring build progress

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