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Medication Administration - Patient Rights Cheat Sheet by

The patient rights of medication adminstration

Rights for Medication Admini­str­ation

Unders­tanding and knowing the medication admini­str­ation rights helps to prevent, minimize and eliminate medication admini­str­ation errors

  - right patient
  - right medication
  - right dose
  - right time & frequency
  - right route
  - right docume­ntation
  - right to refuse
Additi­onally, right assess­ment, diagnosis, planning, interv­ention, evalua­tion, patient teaching. The goal is not to have a medication error.

Right Patient

Be sure you are admini­stering medication to the RIGHT PATIENT

  - use two verifies (commonly name and DOB)
  - ask the patient their name
  - cross check ID band and medication admini­str­ation record MAR

Error: can deliver medication to the wrong patient!

Right Medication

Be sure you are admini­stering the RIGHT MEDICATION

  - check and verify the MAR and physician orders
  - utilize nursing knowledge
  - medication dispenser: often have verifi­cation (ie. Omnicell)

Error: can give the wrong medica­tion!

Right Dose

Be sure you are admini­stering the RIGHT DOSAGE of medication

  - utilize the approp­riate calibr­ation measur­ement tools (syringe, spoon, cup, etc.)
  - pay close attention to the dosage listed on the MAR vs. medication
  - if needed, perform necessary medication calcul­ation (ie. g, mg, mcg, kg, lbs)

Error: can overdose or underdose patient!

Right Time & Frequency

Be sure to administer the medication at the RIGHT TIME & FREQUENCY

  - verify this inform­ation with MAR and physician orders
  - follow the scheduled time and frequency of admini­str­ation
  - medica­tions can be admini­stered within 1 hour before or after of scheduled time

Error: can prevent therap­eutic effect for occurring and/or and cause overdose or underdose

RIght Route

Be sure to administer the medication by the RIGHT ROUTE

  - pay close attention to the route listed of admini­str­ation
  - verify with MAR and physician orders
  - can be enteral (PO) or parenteral (IV, IM, SubQ, ID)

Error: can cause overdose, underdose, other compli­cations including absorption

Right Disposal

Be sure to administer the medication and utilize the RIGHT DISPOSAL

  - medica­tions not taken need to be disposed of properly, according to facility policy
  - sharps are to be discarded in sharps container

Error: needle sticks can occur and misuse of medication due to inaccurate disposal

Right Docume­ntation

Be sure that immedi­ately after admini­str­ation of the medication you use the RIGHT DOCUME­NTATION

  - document accurately and approp­riately
  - only document what you did

Error: inaccurate docume­ntation and lack of docume­ntation can result in duplic­ation of medication admini­str­ation

Right to Refuse

Be sure that you understand the patient always has the RIGHT TO REFUSE

  - all patients have the right to refuse medica­tion, with exceptions
  - be sure to notify physician
  - document approp­riately

Error: violation of patient autonomy


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