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Python Strings

Operations on strings and examples:
Multiline strings
x = "­"­" This is a

multiline string­"­"­"
Get the character at a specific position
x = "­Python Progra­mmi­ng" 
print(­x[1])    ­#print character at position 1
>>> y
x = "­Python Progra­mmi­ng" 
>>> ho
Negative Indexing
x = "­Python Progra­mmi­ng" 
>>> ho
String Length
x = "­Hel­lo" 
>>> 5
Remove any whitespace from the beginning or the end
x = "­    Hello     " 
print(­x.s­trip())     #return "­Hel­lo"
Return the string in lower case
x = Hello 
print(­x.l­ower())     #return "­hel­lo"

Python Strings

Return the string in upper case
x = Hello 
print(­x.u­pper())     #return "­HEL­LO"
Replace a string with another string
x = "­Hel­lo" 
print(­x.r­epl­ace­("He­"­,"A"))  ­  #return "­All­o"
Choose a separator and split string into substrings
x = "­Python Progra­mmi­ng" 
print(­x.s­pli­t(" ")) # return ['Python' , 'Progr­amm­ing']
Check if a string is present in a text
txt = "­Tunisia is a North African countr­y" 
x = "­Nor­th" in txt
print(x) # return True
x = "­Hel­lo" 
y = "­Wor­ld"
z = x + " " + y
print(z) # return "­Hello World"
Insert numbers into strings
quantity = 3 
itemno = 567
price = 49.95
myorder = "I want {} pieces of item {} for {} dollar­s."
print(myorder.format(quantity, itemno, price))


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