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File and Path Selection

Enable binary file searching
Follow symbolic links (not default)
-g <GLOB>
Include or exclude files and direct­ories. Overrides any other ignore logic.
--iglob <GLOB>
Like -g but case-i­nse­nsitive
Don't respect any ignore files
Search in compressed files
-t <T>
-T <T>
Only search for (-t) / exclude (-T) files of TYPE. Use --type­-list to show all
Globbing rules match .gitignore style. Precede glob with a ! to exclude.

There are several other options to not respect only certain ignore files: ‑‑no‑ignore‑dot, ‑‑no‑ignore‑global, ‑‑no‑ignore‑parent, and ‑‑no‑ignore‑vcs.

The -z option requires decompression binaries to be on the PATH. Consider instead the ripgrep-all variant.

Matcher Selection

Treat pattern as literal string
Use the PCRE2 regex engine
Choose regex engine based on features used in pattern
Use the PCRE2 engine to support look-a­round or backre­fer­ences.

Matching Control

Search case-s­ens­itively
Search case-i­nse­nsi­tively if pattern is all lowercase, otherwise sensit­ively
Treat CRLF as line terminator for $
--pre <CMD>
Preprocess file with CMD before searching
Used to specify which files to preprocess
Used to specify multiple patterns or protect patterns starting with "­-"
Only matches surrounded by word boundaries
Count matched lines/file
Count matches per file

Other Options

Hide file open/read errs
Flush on in-memory buffer size (default in pipeline or to file)
Flush per line (default in terminal)
--encoding <ENC>
Encoding for reading files (e.g. utf-8, utf-16, ascii, window­s-1252)
-j <NUM>
Approx threads to use
-[A|B|C] <num>
Show <nu­m> lines after each match (A), before (B), or before and after (C)
More encodings here.

Output Options

--color <WHEN>
auto, never, always, or ansi (emit ANSI escapes).
Show column numbers (1-based) for first match
Show only names of matching files
Show only names of non-matching files
File path at start of line instead of before group
Never print file name
Suppress line numbers
-0, --null
Follow any file path with a NUL byte
Use NUL as a line terminator instead of '\n'
Print only match
Alt char for outputting path separator
-p, --pretty
Alias for ‑‑color always ‑‑heading ‑‑line­‑number
-r <TEXT>
Replace match with <TE­XT> in output (will never modify files)
--sort <SORTBY>
Sorts results ascending (--sortr for descen­ding). Options: path, modified, accessed, created, none
Trim lead whitespace
Quiet, no output


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