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Fortigate Firewalls Cheatsheet

Process Inform­ation

get system perfor­mance status
General perfor­mance Inform­ation
diag sys top [sec] {number]
Process list Sort with P (CPU) /M(Memory)
diag sys top-su­mmary [sec]
Process list with grouped proccesses and shared memory
diag debug crashlog read
Crash log

High availa­bility

execute ha manage [index] [admin]
Jump to cluster member
get sys ha status
Inform­ation about current HA status
diag sys ha dump-by vcluster
Show cluster member uptime
diag sys ha reset-­uptime
Reset cluster member uptime, triggers failov­er!­!!!!!!!
diag sys ha checksum cluster
show config checksums of all cluster members
diag debug appl hatalk -1
Debugging of HA-Talk protocols
diag debug appl hasync -1
Debugging of HA-Sync protocols


diagnose test applic­ation dnsproxy 6
Dump FQDN cache
diagnose firewall fqdn list
List all FQDN

Traffic Shaper

diag firewall shaper traffi­c-s­haper list / stats
Traffic shaper list / statistics
diag firewall shaper per-ip­-shaper list / stats
Per IP traffi­c-s­haper list / statistics


config vdom / edit <vd­om-­nam­e>
change to vdom <vd­om-­nam­e>
sudo global / vdom-name   diag / execute / show / get
Sudo-c­ommand to access global / VDOM Settings directly

General debugging

diag debug appl [appl-­name] [debug­_level]
Realtime debugger for several applic­ations
diax test appl [appl-­name] [test_­level]
Monitor proxy operations
diag debug console timestamp enable
Enables timestamp in console
diag debug enable   diag debug disable
Enable­/di­sable output for "diag debug" and "diag ip" commands
diag debug reset
Reset debug levels

Packet Sniffer

diag snivver packet [if] '[filter]' [verbose] [count] [ts]
Packet sniffer. Use Filters!   Verbose levels 1-6 for different output

Flow Trace

diag debug flow show iprop en   diag debug flow show fun en  diag debug flow trace start [packet count]
Debug command for traffic flow
diag debug flow filter [filter]
Use filters to narrow down search results

Firewall session troubl­esh­ooting

diag sys session filter
Filter for session list
diag sys session list[e­xpect]
Lists all (or expected) sessions
diag sys session clear
Clear all / filtered sessions
diag sys session stat
Sessions statis­tics, memory memory tension, ephemral drops
diag firewall iprope clear 100004 [<i­d>]
Resets counter for all or specific firewall policy id

Fortiguard Distri­bution Network (FDN)­rti­gua­   servic­e.f­ort­igu­   suppor­t.f­ort­ine­
**URLs to access the FortiGuard Distri­bution Netowrk (FDN)

Signature Update

diag debug rating
Webfilter / AntiSpan Server inform­ation
diag autoupdate versions
Detailed versions of packages
diag debug appl update -1 exec update-now
Troubl­esh­ooting update process


diag ips anomaly list
Lists statistics of DoS-Po­licies
diag ips packet status
IPS packet statistics
diag test appl ipsmonitor 2
Enable / disable IPS engine
diag test appl ipsmonitor 5
Toggle bypass status
diag test appl ipsmonitor 99
Restart all ipsengine and monitor


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