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Tips and reminders for working with FIDO


When do I make a new focus person?
A focus person profile is created when NBACL will have an ongoing support role with the person. A new focus person profile should be created within 2 working days of the request or referral.
When do I add a new Support Plan Goal?
New goals are added as they are identified by the focus person. Once a goal has been identified it should be entered into FIDO within 2 working days.
When do I change the status of a goal?
In FIDO a support goal can have different statuses. Statuses include "­Att­ained, Connected to required service, In progress, Terminated by NBACL, etc." The status of support goals should be updated weekly.
When do I update a goal's 'Support Services?'
'Services' are the notes we keep within FIDO. These notes detail the work we do for the focus person. Service notes should be entered as developed within 2 working days.
When do I enter an inform­ation request into FIDO?
An inform­ation request is when anyone calls to ask questions about NBACL programs, government programs/ services, community programs or other matters. These are often one-time or very short-term conver­sat­ions. These should be entered into FIDO on the same day of the request.

Support Plan Goals

What do I include when I create a new goal?
We in Social Inclusion have 3 templates for CC, PSN and SLA. You can also pick another goal when needed. Always include a short descri­ption of the goal, the date you started working on the goal and the status of the goal.
What about goals outside the three program areas?
It is possible a focus person to identify a goal that is not a CC, PSN or SLA. When this happens pick the right Support Category and goal from the drop down boxes.
Where's the new between monitoring and new goals?
It's very common for someone in a SLA monitored by us to identify new goals. These new goals should not be captured within the 'ongoing monitoring support.' You should enter them into FIDO as a new support goal within 2 working days. Once the CC is establ­ished and you start monitoring the CC, then it should go within 'ongoing monitoring support.'
How do I complete a goal in FIDO?
Completing a goal is exciting and must be put in FIDO. Do this by selecting the date it ended, change the status (ex: attained, not able to complete, etc) and write a descri­ption of how the goal was completed. Remember that completed doesn't always mean attained.
Remember: CC goals ONLY relate to recreation, leisure and volunt­eering. Connecting someone to a community program, government service or employment agency is not a CC. They are still support plan goals that need to be captured in FIDO in a support category. Remember the status 'Connected to required service.'

Services Notes

When do I write a services notes?
A services note should be written when needed every 2 working day. Services notes should document the big occurr­ences you do to complete a goal: meetings, long phone calls, long emails, a lot of research, etc. They should be thorough but it's impossible to capture everyt­hing.
What should I include in a services note?
Services notes should be brief and clear. Think point form. Full sentences are not required but it must be clear. Services notes should be more detailed and more frequent in times of crisis.
When to write a services note when monitoring a SLA?
A services note should be added to FIDO for each in person monitoring visit in the home. This is the minimum. Notes should also be added when other things pop up during the month.
Add to FIDO as you go. Don't wait a week or longer and then try and enter a bunch of notes all at once. This doesn't follow the policy and there is a risk of forgetting or missing inform­ation.


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