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This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Annual IT applic­ation develo­pment statistics

• $250 Billion on 175,000 Projects
• Only 52% of required features and functions.
• 31% will be cancelled
• Time overruns 82%
• 53% will cost 189% of original estimates.
• $55 Billion dollars project waste

Requir­ement Engine­ering Basics

Requir­ement Definition
A requir­ement is a usable repres­ent­ation of a need. Requir­ements focus on unders­tanding what kind of value could be delivered if a requir­ement is fulfilled. The nature of the repres­ent­ation may be a document (or set of docume­nts), but can vary widely depending on the circum­sta­nces.