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Set a user name
git config --global "­[fi­rstname last name]"
Set an email
git config --global "­[valid email]­"
Set automatic command line coloring
git config --global color.ui auto

Setup and INIT

Initialize a directory
git init
Clone an entire repository via URL
git clone [url]

Inspect and compare

Show the commits in B but no in A
git log branch­B..b­ranchA
Show the commits that changed file
git log --foll­ow[­file]
Show the diff of in A but no in B
git diff branch­­anchA
Show any object in git
git show [SHA]

Tracking Path changes

Delete the path from project and stage the removal for commit
git rm [file]
Change an existing file path and stage the move
git mv [exist­ing­-path] [new-path]
Show all commits logs with movements in path
git log --stat -M

Ignoring patterns

Save a file with desired patterns as .gitignore
Configure the file
git config --global core.e­xcl­ude­sfile [file]

Stage and Snapshot

Show modified files in working directory
git status
Add a file to stage
git add [file]
Unstage a file
git reset [file]
Diff of what is changed but not staged
git diff
Diff of what is staged but not committed
git diff --staged
Commit your staged content
git commit -m "­[de­scr­iptive messag­e]"

Branch and Merge

List your branches
git branch
Create a new branch
git branch [branc­h-name]
Switch to another branch
git checkout
Merge the branch into the current
git merge [branch]
Show all the commits
git log

Share and Update

Add a git URL as an alias
git remote add [alias] [url]
Fetch down all the branches from git remote
git fetch [alias]
Merge remote branch into your current branch
git merge [alias­]/[­branch]
Transmit local branch commits to remote
git push [alias­][b­ranch]
Fetch and merge all commits
git pull

Rewrite History

Apply any commits of current branch ahead of specified one
git rebase [branch]
Clear staging area and rewrite working tree fro specified commit
git reset --hard [commit]

Temporary commits

Save modified and staged changes
git stash
List stack-­order of stashed file changes
git stash list
Write working from top of stash stack
git stash pop
Discard the changes from top of the stack
git stash drop


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