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Dubiously Made Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

Serious work in progress, not all inclusive whatsoever. Intended for personal use, spanning several applications

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Super + ↓
Maximize window
Super + ↓
Restore window
Super + H
Hide window
Super + ←/→
View split on left/right
Alt + Super + 8
Turn zoom on or off
Alt + Super + =
Zoom in
Alt + Super + -
Zoom out
Alt + F2
Show the run prompt
Super + L
Lock screen
Super + A
Show all applic­ations


Beginning of line
End of line
Forward one word
Back one word
Clear to beginning of line
Clear to end of line
Previous line in history
Next line in history
Kill current process
Suspend process
continue process in backgr­oundCon
Restore process
^ - Hold Control
% - Hold Alt

Sublime 2/3

^ + Shift + P
Command pallete
Toggle console
Toggle sidebar
Shift + F11
Toggle distra­ction free mode
Go to line
Jump to closing parent­hesis
^ + Shift + F
Find in files
Select line
Select word
^ + Mouse click
Multi-­select editing
^ + Shift + K
Delete line
^ + K, K
Delete from cursor to EOL
^ + K, Bksp
Delete from cursor to BOL
^ + Shift + Up/Down
Move line up/down
Indent current line
^ + Shift +[ / ]
Fold / Unfold selection
Work in progress, will cite sources once complete