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Logging in

Use your usual username and password. School ID is 11419.


Navigate around the system using the menu on the left or the icons in the toolbar on the top of the page.


Use the quick search box at the top to search quickly for students, staff, teaching groups etc.

My Diary

Your diary will show your timetable and other events.The buttons on the top right of the screen will allow you to book meeting rooms, a spare classroom for an event or equipment such as the school minibus or iPads.

Rewards & Conseq­uences (from reg)

Select one or more students from the register. Use the filter to choose the approp­riate reward or conseq­uence. Enter a comment - bear in mind that this can be seen by parents and students. Any inform­ation that should stay within school should be put in the Internal Comments field. Don't forget to hit Apply to save the reward or conseq­uence for the selected students.

Rewards & Conseq­uences (indiv­idual)

If you want to enter a reward or conseq­uence for an individual student outside of a normal class register, choose Behavi­our­->B­eha­viour Entry and then search for the student. Then enter reward or conseq­uence as above

Entering a report comment

Enter a textual comment for the selected student. Choose 'Next' to move on to the next student. You may find it more convenient to upload comments in bulk via the Excel Import. Bromcom also supports comment banks: we will discuss setting this up with DoLs in due course.

KS4/5 reports

For KS4 and 5 reports, the acceptable grades are as above. Please make sure that you are using 9-1 for those GCSEs on the new specif­ica­tions.

Finding a register

Your 'My Calendar' on your Dashboard will show your own registers to take for that day. You can also search for other registers via My Calandar, click on 'More' and then select the day, class group and session that you want to view

Taking a class register

The Class Register shows the previous attendance for your lesson in previous weeks, and the attendance of each student for that day. In the highli­ghted column, use '/' for present and 'N' for absent. The register will start in 'Projector mode' where SEN and other inform­ation is hidden - click the Projector icon and enter your password to show this inform­ation

Student Data

Once you have used a selector to find a student, use the menus on the left to find contact details, attend­ance, timetable and other key data for an individual student

Seating Plans

Configure your seating plan by dragging and dropping students into the grid. Use the cog icon to change settings and to display the approp­riate current attainment and target for each student. You can also change the grid size to reflect the layout of your room.

Entering Assessment Data

Data Entry and Reports are via 'Asses­sment Sheets'. These will be available in the widget. Click 'More' to see the full list for those assess­ments you have access to. You will also get a 'nag' reminder about due assess­ments two days before the due date.

Completing Student Reports

The reporting assessment sheet shows data for each student in Autumn, Spring and Summer including CA, Effort, Homework, Comment etc. Note that you can now complete a full assessment sheet in Excel. Choose 'Export' and then 'CSV' format and complete gradings and comments etc in the spread­sheet. Then choose Import and load it back into the system. Be careful - this will overwrite all prior data with this copy!

KS3 reports

Note that KS3 reports include the Learning Journey and target for each student and the grade that needs to be entered is the threshold number e.g. 2.0 is Developing in Spring for year 7, 4.0 is Mastering in Autumn for Year 8. The 'On Track' column will be calculated for you based upon their expected progress for their learning journey.


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