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Biology: Evolution Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Evidence of Evolution

Fossil Record
reveals the existence of speiceis that have become extinct or have evolved into other species
Compar­ative Anatomy
organisms that have similar anatomical structures are related to each other and share a common ancestor
Homologous Structures
same origin, different functions (type of compar­ative anatomy)
Analogous Structures
different origins, same functions (type of compar­ative anatomy)
Vestigial Structures
the anatomy of the spceis has evolved and it had a function in the ancestor, but not in the modern species (type of compar­ative anatomy)
Compar­ative Bioche­mistry
closley replated organisms goes through the same stages in their embryonic develo­pment suggesting common ancestry
species that are found close together are more similar than species found far apart from each other
contin­ental drift
pangea, a super continent 250 million years ago. It slowly seperated over the course of 150 million years into 7 parts

Lamarck vs. Darwin

theories relied on ideas of inheri­tience of acquired charac­ter­iestics and use of disuse. He belived that individual organisms change in response to their enviorment
theories relied on the ideas of natural selection
Natural Selection
how organisms evolve and how new species develop