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Managerial Accounting - Decision Making Process Cheat Sheet by

Management's Decision Making Process

Inform­ation used for Decision Making

Financial Inform­ation
Non-fi­nancial Inform­ation
Effect on employee turnover
Company's image

Accept­/De­cline an order at a special price

Criteria: Accept if Contri­bution Margin is positive
- Other products not affected by special price
- Other customers don't get special price
No change in fixed costs, only variable cost change

Retain or replace equipment

Criteria: Replace if new asset increases net income
Book value: original cost of asset
Salvage Value: money earned when reselling asset
Useful Life: how long asset is expected to generate revenue

Elimin­ate­/Retain unprof­itable business segment

Criteria: drop item if improves net income, retain segment unless FC > lost CM
Need to know if FC are
- Avoidable
- Unavoi­dable: must be allocated on remaining segments

Allocate limited ressources

Criteria: select product that maximizes net income
Short term decision: focus on product with greatest CM unit
Long term decision: can constraint be reduce­d/e­lim­inated
- Change CM unit
- Remove limita­tions on ressources

Increm­ental Analysis Approach

Maximize net income
Identify expenses that vary with decisions

Key Cost Concepts

Relevant costs
Opport­unity Costs
Sunk Costs
Cost in future
Cost in past

Make/buy components or finished products

Criteria: Outsource if cost saving is positive
- Frees up capacity for other use
- Shifts production risks to the supplier
- Potential loss of quality control
- Hard to move back insource

Sell product or Process further

Criteria: Process further until revenue < costs
Produce multiple product simult­ane­ously from single raw material
- Some products can be sold as is
- Some products can be processed further
- Products identi­fiable from each other at split-off point

Theory of Constr­aints

Used to identify and manage constr­aints to achieve goals
Requires identi­fying and constant attempts to reduce­/el­iminate constraint


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