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A random selection of Windows, Linux, Powershell, etc. shortcuts I find useful


ctrl + r
search your previous commands
ctrl + r to cycle through results
ctrl + o to send
ctrl + g to cancel search
ctrl + a
go to beginning of line
ctrl + e
go to end of line
ctrl + u
delete from beginning to cursor
ctrl + k
delete from cursor to end
alt + b
navigate + one word
alt + f
navigate - one word
alt + .
insert last word from last command
ctrl + w
delete last word typed
cd ../..
go back 2 direct­ories
find -name '*.yml'
find a file


alt + tab
cycle through open apps
win + tab
access all apps in task mode
shift + wnd + ->/­<-
move window to other screen
wnd + ->/­<-
snap current window to right/left
w + m
minimize all apps
wnd + ;
emoji box
ctrl + w
close window

VS Code

ctrl + f then ctrl + d
highlight the found text multiple times and replace all at once


cursor -> line begin
cursor -> line end
ctrl + home
delete from beginning to cursor
ctrl + end
delete from cursor to end
full list of prev. entered commands
use a menu to select a command from history
[command begin] + f8
search for commands in history matching [command begin]
gci -r -fi <fi­len­ame­-pa­tte­rn>
find file


ctrl + t
new tab
ctrl + w
close tab
ctrl + shift + t
restore closed browser tab
ctrl + tab
next tab
ctrl + shift + tab
prev tab
shift + click link
open tab in new window
alt + d
highlight url in address bar
advance thru active components on page
ctrl + g
jump to next result in 'find'
ctrl + shift + j
open developer tools

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