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Legends Combat Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

What you can do during you participation

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


At the start of the first round

Step 1
Roll for Initiative (Agility + Instinct + dLuck).
Step 2
Wait for your Ready Turn/I­nit­iative Turn while planning your partic­ipation
Step 3
Partic­ipate during or after your Ready Turn/I­nit­iative Turn
Step 4
At the end of the round, during the Interlude discuss with the other players on strate­gies, plans, and intera­ct/­rol­eplay with the DM if you need inform­ation, etc.
On subsequent Rounds repeat Step 2 to Step 4. Your Initiative (Turn) will be Agility + Instinct


Step 1: Check if you can partic­ipate
Is this turn after/­equal to your Initiative Turn? Do you have enough Stamina to partic­ipate? (The first time you partic­ipate in a round is free, subsequent partic­ipation cost 2 stamina).
Step 2: Start your partic­ipation
If the answer was YES to both, subtract the corres­ponding stamina.
Step 3: Declare your two actions and take them
Announce which two actions you are going to take. You cannot change your mind.
Step 4: End your partic­ipation
After you finish your two actions, declare the end of your partic­ipa­tion.

Basic Actions

You move up to a distance equal to your Movement Speed. Altern­atively you can take this action to stand up or fall prone.
You attack once with each weapon wielded. Free hands can make unarmed strikes.
Inventory (2)
You interact with up to 2 items from your inventory. (Wield weapons, use consum­ables, or tools.)
Techniques (3)
You perform up to 3 techniques (actives). Most techniques can only be used once per round, unless specified otherwise.
Mostly skill checks, for example pushing off a boulder, grappling an enemy, solving a puzzle, persuading an enemy, etc.
Other actions exist but are more situat­ional, specific, or condit­ional.

Breaking up your Actions

You can break up your movements, attacks, or techniques during your partic­ipa­tion.
For example, if you have 3 movement speed and are dual wielding, you can move 2, attack an enemy, then move 1, and attack with your other weapon.

Using Stamina

2 Stamina.
Subsequent partic­ipation in the same round.
Improving Dodge/­Block
1 Stamina.
Adding 1dLuck to the Defense Roll.
Improving Predict
2 Stamina.
Adding 1dLuck to the Defense Roll.
Performing Techniques
X Stamina
Depends on the technique


Through the Attack Action or Techni­ques, you will attack targets.
Step 1: Determine Requir­ements
Ammuni­tion, Wielded Weapon, Free Hands
Step 2: Determine Target(s)
Your target(s) will then roll their Defense Rolls.
Step 3: Announce your Attack Scores
Announce your corres­ponding attack scores depending on your target's defense.
Step 4 Resolve the Attack
If you succeed the attack, announce your attack's damage.
Step 5: Narrate your attack
Or let the DM do it for you.


When you are targeted by an attack, you must declare your defense shortly after the attack is declared.
Otherwise your character will get hit.
Step 1: Choose your Defense
Choose between Dodge, Block, or Predict. Roll your Defense Roll, and tell the DM your roll result.
Step 2: Improve your Defense
If your initial Defense Roll failed, you can expend Stamina to add another dLuck to the roll. Announce you are going to do this
Step 3: Narrate your Defense
Or let the DM do it for you.
You can repeat Step 2 until you run out of stamina. Announce each time you do so.