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Connect people, data, and things. Axolt Cloud ERP software allows you to stay in close touch with your customers, suppliers, and employees

ERP System

Axolt ERP is a compre­hensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed to streamline and integrate various business processes such as finance, inventory manage­ment, sales, procur­ement, manufa­ctu­ring, and human resources.

Strengths and Weaknesses of ERPs

Process Integr­ation
Include costly implem­ent­ation
Data Centra­liz­ation
Reporting and
Challe­nges, User adoption and
Integr­ation with legacy systems.

Functional Areas & Business Processes

Manufa­cturing and Retail
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Accounting & Finance
Human Resources

Differ­¬≠ences between Function & Process


Order Management

Order entry
Inventory management
Pricing and discounts
Shipping, and delivery
Reporting and analytics
Integr­ation with other systems
Payment processing
Returns and refunds
Customer relati­onship management


Production Planning
Production Scheduling
Manufa­cturing Processes config­uration
Work centers capacity planning
Resource planning
Quality Checks
Production Monitoring

Supply Chain Inventory

Inventory Management
Demand Planning
Supplier Management
Warehouse Management
Inventory Auditing and Control

Human Resource

My Expenses
MY Time Sheet
Leave Management
Leave Entitl­ements & Holidays

Warehouse Management

Inventory Management
Order Processing
Inbound Receive Logistics
Barcode and RFID Technology
Outbound Logistics (Pick, Pack, and Ship Processes)
Integr­ation with Supply Chain
Reporting and Analytics


Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Budgeting /Forec­asting
Collec­tions Automa­tions
Financial Statements
Invoice Custom­ization
Journal Entries
Multi-­Entry / Consol­idation
Payment Processing
Payment Scheduling
Payment Settle­ments
Payment Batches
Payment Methods

Project Management

Project Workbench
Project Scheduler

Equipment Mainte­nance and Service

Product Mainte­nance
Asset Management
Service Management
Warranty Management
Equipment Utiliz­ation
Parts and Inventory Management

Functional Areas of Operation



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