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CIST2381: Mobile App Development Cheat Sheet by

Android Studio Cheat Sheet

Common Key Commands

Search Everywhere
Extend Selection
Shrink Selection
⌘ F
Select all Occurr­ences
⌃ ⌘G

Android Studio Editor 8.1

Switch Document Tabs
(right or left)
⌃← or ⌃→
⌘ Tab
Line Numbers
Right Click on Gutter
Code Location
Right Click on Element in Breadcrumb
Summary of Issues
Click on Validation Bar
Red Squiggly Line in Tab Title
Error in Code
Detatch Window
Grab Tab Tile and Drag

Code Lens

Hovering the mouse pointer over a marker for a line of code which is currently scrolled out of the viewing area of the editor will display a “lens” overlay containing the block of code

Splitting Editor Window 8.2

Split Tab
Right click on Tab - choose options
Unsplit Tab
Right click on Tab - choose unsplit option

Code Completion 8.3

Completion Suggestion
⌃ Space
Smart Code Completion

Code Generation

The list of available code generation options

Statement Completion 8.4

Statement Completion
⌘⇧ Enter

Parameter Inform­ation 8.5

Paremeter Inform­ation

Parameter Name Hints 8.6

Edit Parameter Hints
Android Studio -> Prefer­ences

Code Generation 8.7

Generate code
⌘N or ⌃↩

Code Folding 8.8

Fold/U­nfold Statement
⌘ + or ⌘ -
Expand all
Collapse all

Code Folding

Clicking on either of these markers will fold the statement such that only the signature line is visible

Quick Document Lookup 8.9

Relevant Reference Doc
⌘J or F1

Code Refact­oring 8.10

Reformat Code
⌘⌥ L
Code Style Prefer­ences
Android Studio -> Prefer­ences

Finding Sample Code 8.11

Find Sample Code
highlight a method or class name in the editor, right-­click on it and select the Find Sample Code menu option

Live Templates 8.12

Insert Code
Surround with Live Template
edit existing templates
Prefer­ences dialog and select Live Templates from the Editor section


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