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D&D 5e Quick Reference for Players Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A reference for players new to D&D 5e.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Abilit­y/Skill Checks and Saving Throws

 d20 + ability modifier + profic­iency bonus >= DC

All checks have a Difficulty Class (DC) to beat. Checks will generally be requested by attribute, skill, or tool:

"Make a DC10 Intell­igence check."­
"Make a DC15 Slight of Hand check."­
"Make a DC20 Thieves' Tool check."­
"Make a DC15 Dexterity save."

All skills and tools have an explicit or implied related ability. That may change based on context.

Cooper­ation: A skill check can be made at advantage if another character with the skill assists.


Any check (skill, saving throw, tool, combat) can, in certain situat­ions, be made at advantage or disadv­antage:

Advantage: Roll 2d20 and pick the higher number.
Disadv­antage: Roll 2d20 and pick the lower number.


Short Rest: at least 1 hour
Spend x Hit Dice (HD) to heal. Roll the HD + CON modifier and add to your current HP total.

Long Rest: at least 8 hours
Regain all HP.
Regain level/2 HD.

Different classes have different abilities that are regained during short or long rests.

Combat Actions

Each turn you get 1 move and 1 other action.

You may take up to 1 bonus action if you have an ability that specifies the context of a bonus action.

In some situations you may also get up to 1 reactions based on context of abilities.

-Attack: see below
-Cast a Spell: Note that some spells can be cast as bonus actions or reactions.
-Dash: Take a second move.
-Disengage: Keeps opponents from taking an opport­unity attack if you move away/past them.
-Dodge: Until next turn all attacks against you are at disadv­antage if you can see them and make a DEX save at advantage.
-Help: Assist someone with a skill or attack, granting them advantage if they roll before your next turn.
-Hide: Make a DEX(St­ealth) check to hide.
-Ready: State an action and a situation that will cause you to trigger that action. If the trigger occurs you may take the action as a reaction.
-Search: Look for stuff.
-Use an Object


Attacks are made like an ability check where the DC is the target's Armor Class (AC):

d20 + ability modifier + profic­iency bonus >= AC

Use STR for melee weapons and thrown weapons.
Use DEX for missile weapons and finesse weapons.

Apply profic­iency if you are proficient with the type of weapon you are using.

When reducing an opponent to 0 HP with a melee attach you can choose to render them uncons­cious rather than dead.

20 always hits. 1 always misses.

Damage, Death, Healing

When HP = 0 you are uncons­cious until you get to 1HP.

If you start your turn with 0 HP you must make a Death Save:

Roll: d20 >= 10
At 3 successes you are stable.
At 3 failures you are dead.

A 1 counts as 2 failures.
A 20 counts as 2 successes.
Any damage taken after you reach 0 HP counts as a death save failure.