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See the SOP for full description if anything is unclear on the Cheat Sheet

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No Food or Drinks near computers.
Do not pull on the cord, unplug by the plug not the cord!
Do not disass­emble, repair or modify equipment yourself.
No spray cleaners.
NO SHARP OBJECTS ON TOUCH SCREEN. Use approved stylus or fingertip (NO FINGER­NAILS).

How to Process an Unproc­essed File

Click the word Unproc­essed
Click on the file name below the one that is highli­ghted
Select Re-Process File
Repeat as necessary to clear all unproc­essed files
If a file is unable to be cleared or you receive an error message, contact IT through Zen Desk

Counting Inventory

Download to the Handheld if there are new items
On the Handheld press 3\ENT­\4\ENT
Scan all items and using keypad enter the QTY and press ENT
Write down PLU, Descri­ption and QTY for any Item Not Found
Plug Handheld to L-Boss­/Sy­mphony PC
On the Main Menu select "­Eve­nts­\Un­itech Direct­ory­\Un­ite­ch-­Dow­nload Inv Count\Yes
When download complete on Main Menu select Entry­\Cou­nt­\Count as of Midnig­ht\OK Enter (Month­)Ending Count in the Remarks block and click Ok
If you have already saved an upload select Continue from Previous Count\Open
CLick Portable Device­\Co­unt.DA­T\Open
Check for errors, manually enter PLUs not found on handheld, when finished click F11-Save
Open file again (follow steps above). Continue from previous count and SAVE AGAIN with another name as a precaution
Open original file again and click F12-Po­st\Yes
Verify count by printing the Stock Value Report

How to Use the Tracker Feature

On the Main Menu click Tracker
In the upper right corner select date range. Enter transa­ction number or cashier name if known. Click Go
At bottom of screen select Text and add the words you are searching for in the Descriptor field, then click Search
~or~ select Amount and add the amount in the Amount field, then click Search
To search for a new text or amount, select new dates and press Go , then complete the fields at the bottom and press Search

How to Run Reports

On the Main Menu, Click Reports
Select the report you need and double click to open
Some reports require additional inform­ation such as dates, sub depart­ments, etc.
On the file list you can click on any heading and a tree with open to show more reports

Making an Adjustment

On the Main Menu select Entry­\Adj­ustment
List a Remark in upper right corner
At bottom of screen, enter PLUs and click the Tab button
Enter QTY then click F2 to add
To subtract an item from stock you must enter the number with a minus sign before the qty
When done, click F12-Post

Swapping Between PDF Writer and Direct Printing

On the Main Menu select File\C­onf­igu­rat­ion­\Misc tab\Select
Select printer on the drop down menu and click Ok, on previous screen click Ok
Print what you need then repeat the steps to return to the original printer selection

Basic Termin­ology

POS Terminal
Computer system used at the register.
TAG Terminal
Computer system used in proces­sing.
L-Boss/ Symphony software system.
Clothing tags (thick stock).
Stickers (thin stock).
Computer systems at the register.
Computer system in the office.

Updating the Handheld

Connect device to PC
On the Main Menu click Events­/Un­itech Direct­ory­/Un­ite­ch-Load Items To
When download is complete, disconnect the handheld and select 3-Menu Invent./1­-Re­ception
Scan items, input qty and select ENT write down any that do not scan for manual entry later
Connect device to PC
ON the Main Menu click Events­/Un­itech Direct­ory­/Un­ite­ch-­Dow­nload Inv Recept­ion/Yes
On Main Menu click Entry/­Rec­eiv­ing­/Po­rtable Device
Enter Vendor Number, Invoice #, PO# and Remark, then click the "..."­ button on this screen and the next screen
Double click the Recep.DAT file, under Type of File select Unitech Import Receiving, click Ok, then click Yes
If everything is correct, click F12-Post, if not make correc­tions then post

How to Zero Out the System

On the Main Menu click File\E­xit\Yes
Restart your PC then click the L-Boss­/Sy­mphony Icon to Open Program, stop all polling
On the Main Menu click Entry­\Cou­nt­\Count As of Now add the remark (Month­)Reset to Zero and click Ok
At the top of the screen select Edit\Reset all Items to 0
Select F12-Post then restart polling and allow to catch up then stop polling again
Exit the Entry screen, select Yes to pop up window
Verify the zero by checking the Stock Value Report which should report Nothing to Print

Special Item Reduced PLUs

44410 00001
44410 00006
44410 00002
44410 00007
44410 00003
44410 00008
44410 00004
44410 00009
44410 00005
44410 00010
To use these PLUs send a list to the IT Dept through Zen Desk. Include Special item PLU number. Descri­ption, Original Cost and New Selling Price

Transf­erring/ Creating Orders

On the Main Menu click Entry­\Tra­nsfer and enter the receiving store name in the Remark field
Select the receiving store number at bottom of screen
Enter PLU# and click the Tab button, enter QTY and click F2
DO NOT transfer items that you do not have- See SOP for details
When complete click F12-Post
Select Print Form, send a copy of form to Accounting and to the Receiving Store, save copy for your files

Requesting New Mercha­ndise UPCs to be Added

Refer to the SOP for an unders­tanding in what numbers of a PLU are needed and which are not. Make sure all requests for additions are turned in on the Symphony Calcul­ations excel spread­sheet.

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