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Behind the Smile Orientation Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Key points for the Behind the Smile Orientation

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Day 1

Start of Shift
-All BtS new hires will start at Outbound time. Arrive early to prep
Labor Codes
-New Hires: TROR, Trainers: LNMISC
Umbrella courses
-"NACF New Hire Welcome Bag"
-"NACF Behind the Smile Onboarding Day 1 All Shifts"
-"NACF TNS/ARNS Safety School­"
If an AA leaves early
-Remove them from Umbrella
-Keep track of all early departures
Safety School
-Labor Track AA's into FCSCH
-Safety will run Safety School
End of Day 1
-BtS Learning Trainer is to labor track OUT of LNMISC
End of Shift
-BtS Learning Trainer is to complete EOS Wash

Day 2

Start of Shift
-All BtS new hires will now arrive at their regularly scheduled time
Labor Codes
-New Hires: FCSCH, Trainers: LNMISC
Umbrella Courses
-"NACF Behind the Smile Onboarding Day 2 All Shifts­"
PIT/Pr­ocess Training
-Hand AA's off to their respective PIT/Pr­ocess Ambassador(s)
-Ensure proper Labor Tracking and correct Umbrella trainings are recorded

Day 3

Process Training
-Day 2 needed for Process Trained AA's
-AA's who were PIT trained on Day 2 should begin/­con­tinue their Process training
Ensure correct Labor Tracking and Umbrella Trainings are completed

Day 4

Start of Shift
Process Training should be complete and AA's should be in path
Trainer Tasks
-Print and fill out diplomas
-Communicate with Leadership to ensure AA's attend graduation
-Request as much leadership attendance as possible
-Final 30 minutes of shift
-Have games, activites, and snacks
-Make it fun
Labor Codes
-New Hires: FCSCH, Trainers: LNMISC
Umbrella Course
-"Behind the Smile Gradua­tio­n"
Ensure that Ops/Su­pport team members are present

Week 2

Complete Touchpoint
Due between 7 & 14 days of the AA's Day 1 date
Becomes non-co­mpliant after 14 days
7-15 minutes per AA
Any touchp­oints completed BEFORE day 7 will NOT be tracked