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Questions to ask moving companies

Long Distance Moves

How long has your company been in business?
Is your company licensed for state and interstate transport?
How do you determine the weight of my shipment?
Do you guarantee pickup and delivery dates? What happens if you miss one or both?
Will I be sharing the trailo­r/truck with others?
WIll my belongings be moved once they are loaded onto the trailo­r/t­ruck?
Will my items be moved to a storage facility?
Who does the packing and loading?
Are my belongings insured? If so, how much?
What supplies do you provide? What’s included? What items do I pay for?

Local Moves

how does your company charge: by the hour, number of movers or weight?
Are workers covered by workers’ compen­sation and public liability insurance?
Do you charge extra for travel time to and from my house?
What kind of cancel­lation policy do you have?
What kind of inventory system do you use?
What do you consider extra services and how much do you charge for them?
How do you pack items with special requir­ements, such as electr­onics, glass-­fronted furniture, antiques, bicycles, and musical instru­ments.
How do you handle disputes and compla­ints?
Questions from each box category can be interc­han­geable as well.

Misc Questions

How can I pay for the move?
Was I given all necessary docume­nta­tion, including the signed contract?
Should I contact my insurance company to cover my belong­ings?
My car needs to be shipped, do you do this or can you refer someone?
How much of the work can I do myself?
Can you give me references of satisfied customers.

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