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Brainstorming Ideas for SY 2021-2022 Cheat Sheet by

Agenda Minutes for CILS

1. Conperey Primer 2021 - 2022

For Revision
Add Honor Code
Add Data Privacy Policy
Delete MELCS, following Deped CG

2. Teacher's Orient­ation for SY 2020 - 2021

To Orient
Curriculum Mapping (based on CG instead of book)
Cher Bry will echo INSET & teach 4Ds
Teacher Work & Schedule
What to do Mon - Thurs, especially Friday
Need to schedule training
Cheat Sheets
Make Common references teachers will need
Assistance from Multimedia Group (Cher Marlou & Euneil)
All: Confused by curriculum mapping for Junior HS. We'll follow the CG (not MELCs or book).
Cher Liza: Follow Sir Rapatan's schedule: MTh (S), W (checking break), TF(A).
Cher Chan: Aralinks has new features we didn't have access to before.
Cher Bam: Make cheat sheet/ guide package for teachers (ie usable edtech resour­ces)
Cher Chan: Filmora Orient­ation + start a Conperey Youtube Channel to compile resour­ces.

3.Teacher Support & Assistance for SY 2020 - 2021

To Do
Classroom Observ­ation & Monitoring
Coordi­nation among coordi­nators for concerns & improv­ements, good practices
Frequent direct, informal observ­ations
Immediate assistance for improv­ement
Revise classroom observ­ation tool
EdTech Tools
Shared Catalog of What EdTech Tools to Use for Classroom
Cher Bam: Put in place academic coordi­nation for immediate teacher assist­ance
Cher Liza: Classroom observ­ation tool needs to be revised.
Cher Judy: Low famili­arity with edtech tools especially in elemen­tary, need to be known to all the teachers.

4. Supreme Student Government

To Have
Elec­tions of SSG
Need to do announ­cem­ents, declar­ation of intention to run, Online campai­gning and voting
Peer Tutoring (Pilot Program)
SSG could organize voluntary peer tutoring for JHS from SHS & Alumni
Teacher Advisors for SSG
Need to have at least 3 advisors, with 1 advisor readily available always.
SSG Budget
SSG will have a budget, and need to have proposals passed.
Cher Chan: Elections should be held before Sept 13 (first day of classes) because busy na after then. Peer tutoring must be an SSG project.
Cher Liz: Peer tutoring should be a pilot program first. Also need at least 1 advisor who is always on-hand
Cher Bam: We have raised some budget na for the SSG.
Cher Liz: The budget still needs to be system­atized and instit­uti­ona­lized from the school itself

5.PTA Elections

PTA Electi­ons
Need to be held per homeroom.
Parents support and PR is badly needed.
Faculty Club could also propose projects if amenable.
Cher Liz: Cher Dan says PTA is most important linkage for school support and stability, we never take advantage of it.
Cher Bam & Cher Chan: Giving students schola­rships would be a good project for the PTA as well.

6. Faculty Club

Project Proposal for this SY
Give Faculty Club the power to be active this year
Cher Bam: Some budget (10K) has been raised for the Faculty Club. If possible, relate project proposal to Sustai­nable Develo­pment Goals (haha)
Cher Chan: Can we not request PTA fund to be contri­buted to Faculty Club?
Cher Liz: Big amount of money since its P100 per student. Need to ask for PTA consent first, can be done if we have PTA electi­ons.

7. Teacher Mental Health & Well-Being

To Do
Quarterly Teacher's Day
teambu­ilding activities (cooking, hiking)
Meal Budget Allocation for Teachers
teachers cook their own food, TLE as kusina
Cher Chan: Assign teachers to head teambu­ilding activities given their interests, so they could prepare in advance.
Cher Bam: Link with Aklan Trekkers for hiking guides in Malay; Conper­eynian teachers need nature exposure

8. Grading & Awarding

Quar­terly Release of Grades & Semestral Awards
Prompt pre-re­lease of student grades each quarter, mark students INC
Semestral awards should be held
Fair Grading Policy
Immedi­ately identify students who should be remedi­ated.
Interv­ent­ions: 1.) videos 2.) peer tutoring via SSG 3.) final resort: teacher assistance in school (with Division permit)
Students who still have INCs despite these interv­entions will get demerit.
Cher Chan: Pre-re­lease of student grades with those lacking requir­ements marked INC. Grades should already be pre-re­leased in time for compliance week. Could give grades through Conperey website with help from RI
Cher Liz: Students who still have INCs despite going through the interv­entions should get demerit.

9. Centra­lized File Names for Documents

Forms & File-N­aming of Docume­nts
Forms should be known to teachers and protocol for naming documents known to all
Storage of School Docume­nts
More organized storage of key documents
Already purchased backup
Cher Chan: Needs to be more organized docume­nt-­wise. Already purchased back-up for admin so documents stay safe.
Cher Bam: A cheatsheet could be added just for forms and file naming so teachers can already grasp the system.

10. Conperey Alumni Database

Alumni Database
Create a centra­lized database for alumni for networ­king: good to invite for talks, confer­ences and solicit for donations
Cher Liz: alumni would be a big resource for us, we need to tap them and have a database teachers could possibly link with if they need speakers
Cher Bam: would be very good for school PR, and can show students some exemplars

11. For Consid­eration

Tie Mission to Sustai­nable Develo­pment Goals
Mission in PMVGO is vague and a bit direct­ion­less.
Cher Bam: Tried hard to understand what "­con­tinue discov­ering best way of coping global demands is" but couldn't because it's direct­ion­less. We can tie "­global demand­s" instead to the SDGs, so we can have accoun­tab­ility. The infra and background ideas are there already since CILS markets itself as a green school.


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