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Certified Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) Cheat Sheet by

The most important information you need to know before taking the Certified Senior Agile Project Manager (CSAPM) certification exam, by the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM).

Certified Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM)

General inform­ation

Who should take the certif­ica­tion?
Experi­enced PM1 in the agile enviro­nment.
Is project experience required? How much?
At least five years of PM experience in the agile enviro­nment, three of which in a management position or respon­sible leadership function.
Where is the certif­ication exam taken?
Online via Classm­arker
Wherever you want to
internet connection is required
Further requir­ements can be found here. [1]
How many questions need to be answered correctly in order to pass the exam?
120 questions
How long can I work on the exam?
80 minutes
How many questions need to be answered correctly in order to pass the exam?
65 %
How much is the exam?
Depends on your nation­ality.
Here you can calculate it. [2]
Can a discount be granted?
Further requir­ements can be found here [3]
How can I pay for the exam? Do I have to pay attention to something?
Pay via PayPal, bank transfer or Transf­erWise. [4]
Always mention your invoice number.
Commas are used as decimal separators instead of dots. [5]
Which topics are relevant for this certif­ica­tion?
1. Scrum roles
2. Product backlog
3. Sprint backlog
4. Scrum charts
5. Sprint planning
6. Sprint
7. Daily scrum
8. Sprint review
9. Sprint retrospective
10. Team building
11. Motivation
12. Conflict management
13. Kanban
14. Extreme Programming
15. Product vision
16. Project environment
17. User stories
18. Release planning
How do I register for the exam?
Follow this link to register. [6]
Can I have a certif­icate from another certif­ication body recognized as Certified Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM)?
Yes you can have a suitable certif­icate recogn­ized.
This certif­icate can also be expired.
Submit your certif­icate here. We will contact you via email. [7]

Most important links

Certif­ication process:

Note: If you cannot read the text on the image, right click and select "Open image in new tab". The image will then open in a new tab and you can zoom in.

Prepar­ation and self-test

What is the best
Conducting online research.
Reading the recomm­ended litera­ture.
Where can I find literature for prepar­ation?
Literature can be found here. [1]
Are there any additional trainings for prepar­ation?
Contact the IAPM via the Certif­ication Assistant to find a training partner. [2]
What is a self-test?
It's a test which ...
... can be taken prior to the exam.
... is not included in the certif­ication fees separate regist­ration needed. [3]
... can only be taken once.1
... doesn't have an impact on the end-re­sult.
... is recomm­ended to be taken, not mandatory.
... gives you an idea your deficits.
What are the self-t­est's framework conditions?
25 questions
20 minutes
Paid separately [4]
How long do I have time to take the exam / self-test after regist­ering?
6 months from the date of receipt of payment2.
1 In case you fail the certif­ication exam and would like the repeat it, you can - of course - also re-take the self-test.
2 For each test, since you need to register separately for the self-test and for the certif­ication exam.

[1] www.ia­pm.n­et­/lit-en
[2] www.ia­pm.n­et­/ce­rtas-en
[3] www.ia­pm.n­et­/rs­tapm-en
[4] www.ia­pm.n­et­/fee-en

During the exam

May I use assistive devices during the exam?
No, you are not allow to.
You need to sign a affirm­ation in lieu of oath to garantuee that you will take the exam indepe­nde­ntly. [1]
Can I contact the IAPM in case of ambiguity during the exam?
No, questions must be answered indepe­nde­ntly.
Which type of questi­ons can I expect?
Multip­le-­choice questions
single correct answer
multiple correct answers
True / false questions
Which examin­ation system is used and why?
Classm­arker system is used to ensure an objective certif­ica­tion.
It requires ...
... a current browser.
... a stable internet connec­tion.
... activated JavaScript and cookies.
Can I skip questions or return to previous questions?
No, you need to answer a question before you can go on. Subsequent changes are not possible.
What happens if the test is
interr­upted due to technical reasons?
Contact the IAPM support team immedi­ately. [2]
Further course is then indivi­dually coordi­nated.

After the exam and certif­icate

Can I repeat the certif­ication exam if I fail?
Yes you can repeat the exam twice with new questions.
After not-pa­ssing exam the second time, you need to wait 12 months before taking exam third time.
Costs will be re-inc­urred.
When and how do I receive my
examin­ation result?
By e-mail
Within 72 hours
Is the exact percentage I passed the exam shown on the certif­icate?
No, not the exact percentage is shown, but a wording:
pass (65% - 70%)
good pass (71% - 80%)
very good pass (81% - 90%)
pass with distin­ction ( >90%)
How can the IAPM certif­icate
influence my profes­sional career?
Certficate is ...
... valid woldwide.
... intern­ati­onally recogn­ized.
... an objective confir­mation of your knowledge.
How long is my certif­icate valid and how much costs the recert­ifi­cation?
Valid a lifetime
No recert­ifi­cation fees!
Which documents do I receive after passing the exam?
Cover letter
Download link for your certif­ication badge


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