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A list of Drinks and food items commonly ordered


Soho Marg
Vanill­a-Pine, Orange Jale, Blueberry Ginger, Contreau, Lime Lemon juice, SS
French Martini
Grey Goose, Pine, Chambord
Lem Marinque Martini
Whipped Vodka, GM, Lem Juice
Cherry Tree
Three olives Cherry, Fever tree GB, Lime juice
Blood Orange Cosmo
Tito's, BLood Orange Liquor, Cranberry, Lime juice
Soho Old Fashioned
Woodford Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, Orange bitters, Orange peel
Blueberry Ginger Bee’s Knees
Barr Hill Gin, Honey, Blueberry Ginger Syrup
The Bee’s Knees
barr hill gin, jalapeno honey, lemon juice
Lemon Cheesecake Martini
House Made Limonc­ello, Lemon, cream, Graham rim
Chris’s Mai Tai
Plantation three stars and xaymaca rums, orgeat, pineapple, orange, lime, grenadine and a Plantation oftd float
Blueberry Ginger Whiskey Sour
empire whiskey, blueberry ginger syrup, citrus, egg white
Blueberry Basil Lemonade
Empress Gin, ST. Gremaine, lemon, basil, bluebe­rries
Blueberry Ginger Mule
Housemade bluebe­rry­-ginger syrup, Vodka, oj, ginger beer
Lemon Head
Absolut Citrus, Cointreau, lemon juice simple, lemon sugar rim
Raspberry Daiquir
Flor de cana white rum, raspbe­rrIES, simple syrup, lime juice
Rosemary Monkey
Monkey Shoulder, Blood Orange Liquer, Lemon, Rosemary
P.O.G. Mez-arita
uu Baal Mezcal, Altos tequila, Passion Fruit & Guava syrup, Orange, Lime
Glass Pear
Xante pear, vanilla vodka, ginger beer, lime
Blackb­err­y-O­range Sangria
Merlot, Blackb­erries, grank marnier, oranges, lime
Blueberry Ginger Whiskey Sour
empire whiskey, blueberry ginger syrup, citrus, egg white
Blueberry Basil Lemonade
Empress Gin, ST. Gremaine, lemon, basil, bluebe­rries
Blueberry Ginger Mule
Housemade bluebe­rry­-ginger syrup, Vodka, oj, ginger bee
Guava Flower
Tito’s, St. Germain, Guava, citrus juice
EXotico Tequila, Hibiscus Syrup, Agave, Lemon, lime, Cointreau, Flower
Tin Gin Flower Sou
Tin City Gin, Italicus Bergamont, lemon, egg white, hibiscus syrup
Orange Blossom
Fords gin, cream, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange flower water
Raspberry rose
Vodka, raspbe­rries, rose water, lime, simple syrup


Jalapeno Poppers
bacon-­wra­pped, stuffed with cheddar and cream cheese
WIngs (Trad or Boneless)
Buffalo MiLD or HOT, sweet and spicy, garlic parmesan, bbq
Sprout Skillet
Fried brussels, bacon, pistac­hios, feta, cranberry, balsamic, pom jewels
American Sliders.
white cheddar, garlic aioli, arugula, carame­lized onion, tomato­,house pickles
black beans, avocado, house cheese sauce, pickled onion, cilant­ro-lime crema, cotija, jalapeno, pico (chicken tinga or carnitas or barbacoa)
Queso Fundido
house cheese sauce, house chorizo, carame­lized onion and serranos, cotija, Pico, served with fresh chips
house made hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, served with crispy garbanzo beans and Grilled pita
Shrimp Skewer.
Grilled with jalapeno cilantro slaw with lemon vinaig­rette
Mac N Cheese
Top with House made Beef & Bean Chili or Mix In up to two -áBacon, Carame­lized Onion, SPINACH Jalapeno, crispy­Chi­cken, Spicy PESTO, Roasted or fresh tomato, BBQ chicken, sausage, Mushrooms, bbq sauce, buffalo sauce, roasted bell peppers
Housemade pork & beef meatballs, tomato­-se­rrano sauce, cotija­Served with grilled sourdough and pickled onion
Burrata Board.
Salami, Prosci­utto, roasted heirloom tomato, spring mix, grilled brea
Lamb Lollipops
Grilled Lamb lollipops with pomegr­anate vinaig­rette, spring mix,Pom jewels, pistac­hios, chives

Small Plates

Chili Fries or Tots
Skillet With house cheese sauce, HOUSE Beef & bean Chili, cheese, oNions, Sour cream, green onion
Tortilla Chips & Dip
served fresh with house salsa and queso
Stuffed Mushrooms
tuffed with sausage and cheese and topped with garlic butter
Pork Potsti­ckers
served with a sesame soy dipping sauce
Street Tacos
hree tacos with your choice of Chicken tinga, carnitas, or barbacoa
Smothered Fries or Tots
10skillet loaded with house cheese sauce, bacon, green onion and spicy ranchC­lassic


French Fries
Tater Tots
Sweet Pot Fries
Side Salad


Classic Cheese­burger
white cheddar, garlic aioli, red onion, arugula, tomato, house pickles
Hoisin Pork Burger
ground pork patty, sweet hoisin glaze, garlic aioli, cilantro, mint, cucumber, cabbage slaw
Chipotle Chicken Burger
ground chicken patty, pepper jack, chipotle aioli, lettuc­e,a­vocado, tomato, house pickles
Pastrami Burger
pastrami, American cheese, house pickles, mayo and mustard
Chili Size
Seasoned Beef Patty, mayo, mustard, House made beef and bean chili, Diced onion, cheese, served Open face on a toasted bun
House Lamb Burger
Seasoned Lamb patty, hummus, tzatziki, feta, roasted tomato, pickled Onion, arugula
Blue Burger
garlic aioli, roasted tomato, arugula, blue cheese, mushrooms
BBQ Burger
american cheese, bacon, onion crisps, barbecue sauce, garlic aioli
House Chorizo Burger
HOUSE choriz­o-beef blend, tomato jam, arugula, pickled onion, pepper jack
California Burger
pepper jack, garlic aioli, avocado, bacon, red onion, arugula, tomato, house pickles


Steak Frites
Grilled NY Steak on a Bed of FRIES Topped with OUR Peppercorn cream sauce
Poulet Frites
Roasted half chicken, herb jus on a bed a fries, charred lemon

Entrees after 4pm

Bone In Stuffed Pork Chop
House cut pork chop with sour dough stuffing, garlic mash, haricot ver
Rack of Lamb
Marinated lollipops, pomegr­anate reduction, rosema­ry-­garlic butter, Pistachio gremolata, garlic mash, haricot vert
Apricot Serrano Glazed Salmon
APRICO­T-s­errano glaze, garlic mash, haricot vert
Maple Roasted ½Chicken
Maple Butter, garlic mashed potatoes, haricot vert
El Gaucho Ribeye
38house rub steak, chipotle lime butter, roasted peppers & onions­garlic mash
SoHo Ribeye
garlic mashed potatoes, peppercorn cream sauce, haricot vert
SoHo New York
House rub, rosema­ry-­garlic butter, cherry-red wine sauce, garlic mash, haricot vertSteak


Pepperoni, mozzar­ella, house marinara
Jalapeno Popper
Bechamel, bacon, red onion, jalapeno, mozzarella
BBQ Chicken
Spicy pesto, barbecue chicken, pickled onion, cilantro, mozzarella
Olive oil, garlic, fresh mozzar­ella, prosci­utto, arugula
Olive oil, garlic, fresh mozzar­ella, roasted tomato, basil
sausage, grilled peppers, carame­lized onion


Mandarin Chicken
romaine, cabbage, baby kale, grilled chicken, sesame wonton, roasted almond, cucumber, soy-sesame vinaig­rette
Fall Chicken Cobb Salad
Romaine, baby kale, apple, pear, bacon, pistachio, dried cranbe­rries, grilled chicken breast, feta, apple cider vinaig­rette
Salmon & Pomegr­anate Salad
Spring mix, dried cranbe­rries, candied pecans, apples, bluech­eese, pom jewels, pomegr­anate vinaig­rette
Roasted Beet Salad
Spring mix, arugula, diced beets, dried cranbe­rries, pistac­hios, apple, Pom jewels, goat cheese, apple cider vinaig­rette
Steak Salad
spring mix, roasted tomato, crispy onion, blue cheese­cru­mble, New York Steak, blue cheese dressing
Caesar Salad
Romaine, baby kale, parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing
Crispy Chicken Cobb
Romaine, baby kale, tomato, avocado, bacon, boiled egg, fried chicken breast, blue cheese crumble, ranch dressing
Shrimp Feta
spring mix, cucumber, tomato, avocado, shrimp, feta, crispy­gar­banzo, lemon vinaig­rette
Medite­rranean Crunch
Romaine, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken, pickled onion, crispy pita,Feta, garbanzo beans, Greek Vinaig­rette, tzatziki
California Salmon Salad
spring mix, Arugula, avocado, Mandarins, pistac­hios, cucumber, Feta, lemon vinaig­rette
Cup of Chili
House made beef & Bean chil
Add cheese & onion .50


Chipotle Ham Sandwich
Ham, white cheddar, red onion, arugula, bacon, creamc­heese, raspberry chipotle jam
Classic Club
ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon, muenster, dijon aioli
Chipotle Turkey
Chipotle Aioli, Turkey, Romaine, tomato, onion, cream cheese, pepper Jack on sourdough
prosci­utto, salami, pepperoni, muenster, roasted tomato­,pe­ppe­r-g­arlic aioli, pepper­oncini, romaine
ham, carnitas, house pickles, mustard, muenster, pressedand grilled
Pesto Caprese
garlic aioli, SPICY pesto, roasted tomato, freshm­ozz­arella, arugula, Balsamic, pressed and grilled
Hot Chicken
hot chicken, pepper jack, cabbage slaw, house pickles
Steak Sandwich
new york steak, muenster, arugula, carame­lized onion,­garlic aioli
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
muenster, white cheddar, pepper jack, parmesan crus
pastrami, american cheese, mustard, house pickles
Philly Dip
roast beef, roasted pepper, carame­lized onion, white cheddar, Garlic aioli, au jus
Chicken Pita
Grilled chicken, romaine, tomato, pickled onion, hummus, tzatziki


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