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Amethyst Windows Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts by

Keyboard shortcuts for amethyst windows

Modifier keys

alt + shift
alt + shift + win

Changing layouts

mod1 + space
Rotate layouts clockwise
mod2 + space
Rotate layouts counte­rcl­ockwise
mod1 + Z
Force windows to be re-eva­luated

Most common window manipu­lation

mod1 + enter
Swap focused window to main window
mod2 + K
Move window to next monitor
mod2 + J
Move window to prior monitor


mod1 + H
Swap focused window counte­rcl­ockwise
mod1 + L
Swap focused window clockwise
mod1 + J
Move focus to previous window
mod1 + K
Move focus to next window
mod1 + P
Move focus to previous monitor
mod1 + N
Move focus to next monitor


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