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Feedback could be defined as letting learners know how they have performed in certain activities or overall the course.

There are four types of feedback:

Praise: Motivate the student, create positive atmosp­here.
Correc­tion: Target language and helpful correct to motivate students
Advice and Encour­agement: What can studens do to help themse­lves?
Evalua­tion/ assess­ment: How can students measure their success?




1.- Ask-Te­ll-Ask:

- Ask learners for self-a­sse­ssment.
- Tell them the behavi­our­/pe­rfo­rmance you observe and how it differs from what you expect.
- Ask learners what they think they could improve and what actions they can take.

2.- Sandwich:

- Praise for their strengths and areas of good perfor­mance.
- Tell them the behavi­our­/pe­rfo­rmance you observe and how it differs from what you expect.
- Praise their ability to adapt and modify and use example where they have adapted and modified behaviour in the past succes­fully.

3.- Bridge:

Connecting concepts together from past to future.
Focusing on:

- Past positive behavi­our­/pe­rfo­rmance.
- Present observed behavi­our­/pe­rfo­rmance.
- Future behavi­our­/pe­rfo­rmance expected.


How can I provide positive feedback?
Provide inform­ation to students about their competence or the value of their accomp­lis­hments. Remember to point out what they did better more than what they did worse.
Should I correct my students when making mistakes?
Yes, but we need to be careful not to do too much correc­tion. Correct only what you believe can get students in trouble or embarr­asa­ment.
What can students do to help themse­lves?
Watch movies in the target languages (no subtit­les), read, listen to music, join a study group.
How can students measure their success?
By having real exposure to the language; perhaps you are able to bring a native­-sp­eaker to the classroom to interact with your students, or have a conver­sation with them where they can realize how much the conver­sation can last.


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