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tmux Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

tmux commands

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Control + b - prefix


tmux split-­window
pre + "
split window vertically
tmux split-­window
pre + %
split window horizo­ntally
tmux swap-pane -[UDLR]
pre + [UDLR]
swap pane
pre + q
show pane numbers
pre + !
break the pane out of window
pre + x
kill current pane


pre + c
create a new window
select­-window -t :0-9
pre + [0-9]
move to window based on index
pre + ,
rename current window
pre + w
list windows
pre + n
next window
pre + p
previous window


tmux new -s <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
create new session
tmux attach -t <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
attach existing session
tmux switch -t <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
switch to existing session
tmux list-s­essions
pre + s
list existing sessions
tmux detach
pre + d
detach currently attached session
tmux kill-s­ession -t <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
kill a session
pre + $
rename the current session