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Organic Search Meta Data Example

SEO Title Tag

Between 55-60 characters (including spaces)
Lead with strongest search term/n­ame­/event
Prioritize terms in order of search volume and trends in descending order
Capture the gist of the article without repeating the headline

Meta Descri­ption

Under 155 characters
Capture the gist of the article without repeating the headline
Can include terms that were deprio­ritized from the title tag due to lower search volume
Use descri­ptive language to entice users to click through to the article

URL Slug

Get the URL right the first time - unnece­ssary redirects are bad for SEO
Keep the URL slug short - between 5-10 words
Use high volume terms within URL
Don't use filler words (and, but, or, etc)
Separate words with dashes, not unders­cores

Google News - Headline Example

Article Headline (H1)

Google News pulls in article headlines instead of SEO Title Tags
Should be descri­ptive of the content and entice users to click via Google News
Should be coded as an H1 tag within the CMS

On-page Links

Links to other articles should have descri­ptive link text
Link text should be 8 words or shorter
Link text should flow with the structure and tone of the rest of the article

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