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XDebug Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

XDebug: Variable Display Features­r_d­isp­lay­_ma­x_c­hildren
128 Controls the amount of array children and object's properties are shown when variables are displayed with either­r_d­isp­lay­_ma­x_data
512 Controls the maximum string length­r_d­isp­lay­_ma­x_depth
3 Controls how many nested levels of array elements and object properties

Stack Trace­lle­ct_­params
0 controls whether Xdebug should collect the parameters passed to functions when a function call is recorded in either the function trace or the stack trace. 1 = Type and number of elements. 2 = Type and number of elements, with a tool tip for the full inform­ation. 3 = Full variable contents. 4 = Full variable contents and variable name.
1 Controls whether the values of the superg­lobals as defined by the xdebug.dump.* settings whould be shown or not.
string * can be any of COOKIE, FILES, GET, POST, REQUEST, SERVER, SESSION. These seven settings control which data from the superg­lobals is shown when an error situation occurs. In order to dump the REMOTE­_ADDR and the REQUES­T_M­ETHOD: xdebug.du­mp.S­ERVER = REMOTE­_AD­DR,­REQ­UES­T_M­ETHOD­ow_­loc­al_vars
0 When this setting is set to something != 0 Xdebug's generated stack dumps in error situations will also show all variables in the top-most scope.­lle­ct_vars
0This setting tells Xdebug to gather inform­ation about which variables are used in a certain scope­le_­lin­k_f­ormat
This setting determines the format of the links that are made in the display of stack traces where file names are used. %f the filename. %l the line number