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Feedback and Techniques Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Information on Feedback and Techniques

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Feedback should always be given equally not give everytime praise to students that are doing well during the course and not always correct the ones that are having trouble with some topics of the class.

We need to give praise and correct at the same time because the student needs to feel that his/her knowledge about the language has to develop even more, not that they have struck a wall where they wouldn't be able to learn anymore.

That way they will dominate all of the four skills (liste­ning, reading, writing and speaking) and the teacher will guide them through this path.


Feedback is the way in which the teacher commun­icates to the students how he or she is doing in the process of learning a new language.

Mainly there are two types of feedback: positive and negative.
Positive feedback has to do on how good the student has performed and to praise the learner to motivate them to learn more and more.
Negative feedback has to do on the different errors that the students commits when producing the language, this one can really hurt the learning process as it may make the student to quit learning the language forever.

Feedback and Techniques

Examples of giving feedback

When giving correction to the students to try make it simple like "­That's not it/Not quite there yet", give them a complete explan­ation of what they need to fix because giving those types of correc­tions will confuse the students.
Praise their strengths and areas where they are performing good, tell them what you expect from them and how it differs from their perfor­mance in the class (that it may be not really good) and finally tell them how they are adapting to the new subjects of the class.
Have them talk with their classmate but not someone that they consider a friend or always talk with, give them a handout with some specific points about the language and give feedback to each other using those notes. This should help the students to commun­icate their thoughts better as they will not feel pressured because they are talking with the teacher.