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mac keyboard shortcuts


Get Info of File
cmd i
Preview File
cmd y
Open File
cmd down
Enter Folder
cmd up
Go Up a Folder Level
cmd [
View as Icons
cmd 1
View as List
cmd 2
View as Columns
cmd 3
View as Gallery
cmd 4


Move screen to...
ctrl option arrow
Screen to top left/right
ctrl option u/i
Screen to bottom left/right
ctrl option j/k
Left/right third
ctrl option d/g
Left/right two-thirds
ctrl option e/t
Center third
ctrl option f

Missing Keyboard & Text Editing

Delete by Word
option delete
Delete by Line
cmd delete
Delete Forward
fn delete
Home/End on Text Line
cmd left/right
Page Up/Down
fn left/right
Move Cursor 1 Word
option left/right
Cursor --> Line Start/End
cmd left/right


Copy URL
cmd shift c
Show/Hide Sidebar
cmd s
Go to that Tab #
cmd # (cmd 1, 2, etc.)
Go Up/Down a Tab
option cmd up/down
Split View
ctrl shift +
Switch Split Focus
ctrl shift # (1, 2, etc.)
cmd y
Address Bar
cmd l

Window Behavior

Minimize Everything
cmd option h m
Hide App
cmd h
Hide Everything BUT App
option cmd h
Switch btw. App's Windows
cmd `
Full Screen
ctrl cmd f
Show/Hide Dock
cmd option d
Open App's Prefer­ences
cmd ,
Lock Computer
ctrl cmd q
Volume Micro Adjust
option shift vol
Interact w Bkgd Windows
hold cmd while clicking


Screenshot to Clipboard
ctrl cmd shift 4


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