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IRC Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

The basics

/server hostname

Connects to the specified server.
/join #channel

Joins the specified channel.

Lists all channels on the current network.
/nick nickname

Changes your nick.
/names #channel

Shows the nicks of all users on #channel.
/msg nickname message

Sends a private message to a user.
/query nickname message

Sends a private message to a user and opens a private chat window.
/whois nickname

Shows inform­ation about the specified user. This action is not visible to the specified user.

Managing users

/kick #channel nickname [reason]

Temporarily remove user from channel
/mode nickname +/-att­ributes [data]

Setting people's modes (for current channel only)

User Modes


User is an operator (AOP) on the current channel (prefix @).

User has voice on the current channel (prefix +).


/server chat.f­ree­nod­

Connects to freenode server
/join #epite­chm­ont­pellier

Joins epitech montpe­llier channel.
/nick Edouar­dLA­URENT

Changes my nick to Edouar­dLA­URENT
/msg kdridi Salut

Sends the private message "­Sal­ut" to kdridi.