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Feedback and Techinques Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This cheatsheet provides useful data about giving feedback in English classes.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Feedback Definition

According to the Wbstern's Dictio­nary, FEEDBACK is the transm­ission of evaluative or corrective inform­ation about an action, event, or process to the original or contro­lling source, in this case, from teacher to student in a class.



Providing feedback to students in a positive way, even when they make mistakes; correcting their mistakes indire­ctly, for example, repeating his/her answer not as a correc­tion, but as a good answer saying it right.


Possitive feedback
Negative feedback
Positive feedback is more effective than negative for the student’s behavior.
consists on the teacher repeating the student’s answers as an indicator of their mistakes.
Be flexible with your students
This could limit the student’s confid­ence.
It lets students know what they have done right and increases their motivation
Don't intimidate your students

Negative feedback

Negative feedback could make the students feel uncomf­ortable and limit their confidence for further partic­ipa­tion.


Cheering the student highli­ghting the good points of his/her production and comment on it.
Letting the student give his/her complete answer and then “corre­cting” the sentences using the right words or providing other options to give the same idea.
Motivate students giving them positive remarks about their ideas.

Feedback, not criticism

Provide constr­uctive comments in a positive way.

Efficient and Ineffi­cient Feedback

Efficient Feedback
Ineffi­cient Feedback
Telling short positive interj­ect­ions: "­Yea­!", "Ok, great!­", "­Coo­l!" "Very good!"
Negative feedback: Telling how wrong the student is with his/her answer.
Correcting the answer in a gentle way
Rejecting the student’s answer or ignoring it.
Providing feedback to students in a positive way, even when they make mistakes.
Not providing any feedback at all.
Options and recomm­end­ations

Positive feedback

Motivating the students by compli­menting their partic­ipa­tions allows them to feel confident on expressing their ideas in the SL.