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IBM Watson Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by


This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Download Python
Install PIP
curl https:­//b­oot­str­ap.p­yp­a.i­o/g­et-­ -o | python3
Install Packages
pip3 install opencv­-python ibm-watson

Basic setup

from ibm_watson import VisualRecognitionV3
from ibm_cloud_sdk_core.authenticators import IAMAuthenticator
#Build connection to the Service
authenticator = IAMAuthenticator('API_KEY')
service = VisualRecognitionV3(

Text to Speech

#Import required packages
from ibm_watson import TextToSpeechV1
from ibm_cloud_sdk_core.authenticators import IAMAuthenticator

#connect to service
authenticator = IAMAuthenticator('{apikey}')
text_to_speech = TextToSpeechV1(


#write the response from the server to the hello_world.wav audio file

#open the audio file
with open('hello_world.wav', 'wb') as audio_file:
    #write something into the file
        #get the response from the service and set the parameters as you like
            'Hello world',

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