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Helpful snippets of advice for IDA.

Useful Options

Dissas­emb­ly-­>Stack pointer: Display the stack pointer in disass­embly throughout a function.
Dissas­emb­ly-­>Auto Comments: Labels each disass­embly line with what an instru­ction does.
Dissas­emb­ly-­>Number of opcode bytes: Shows the hexade­cimal repres­ent­ation next to each instru­ction.


Output Window
Displays the logging from IDA, has a textbox to execute short IDA-python commands.
Strings Window
Displays all the strings in the binary.
Hex dump
Displays the binary in hexade­cimal repres­ent­ation.
Imports View
Shows the imports and the module they come from that are imported into the current binary.
Exports View
Shows the functions that are exported from the current binary

Helpful Shortcuts

Shift + F12: Open strings subview.
G: Goto address.
X: View xrefs.
N: Rename.
Y: Set Item type.


Pull All Metadata
Pull all named items from public lumina server and rename the functions in current database.
Push All Metadata
Push all named items to public lumina server.
View All Metadata
View all the items in lumina server.
Push Current Function Metadata
Push the current function defini­tions to lumina.
Pull Current Function Metadata
Pull defini­tions for the current function from lumina.
Revert Current Function Metadata
Revert previous action.


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