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Regression Testing

Selective retesting to verify that modifi­cations have not caused unintended effects. Still complies with its specified requir­ements. Should be performed any time you modify implem­ent­ation within a program. You can do so by rerunning existing tests against the modified code.

Pairwise Example

x2 + y2 = 9

SRS should be


Each Choice II



Process of determ­ining whether the requir­ements for a system­/co­mponent are complete and correct, the products of each develo­pment phase fulfill the requir­ements or conditions imposed by the previous phase, and the final system or component complies with specified requir­ements. Testing is a part of verifi­cation and valida­tion.

Fault & Failure

Reason for failure
Result of fault
Reveals fault when oracle and test result differ
External behavior of a system does not conform to that prescribed in the system specif­ication
Incorrect step, process, data definition
Inability to perform required functions within specified perfor­mance requir­ements

Circle Answers

(3/sqr­t(2), 3/sqrt(2) )


Set of WHAT the system should do
NOT how the system should do it
Has irrelevant parts for small projects
Discusses essential parts
Alternate template formats
Every input & every output
All requir­ements to a level of detail sufficient to enable designers to design a system and testers to test a system

Base Choice I


Test Oracle

A source to determine expected results of testing.

Test Case

A pair of an input and expected outcome. A set of test inputs, execution condit­ions, and expected results.


Degree 2 which a system or component facili­tates the establ­ishment of test criteria and the perfor­mance of tests, system or component facili­tates the establ­ishment of test criteria and the perfor­mance to tests to determine whether those criteria have been met, requir­ement is stated in terms that permit establ­ishment of test criteria and perfor­mance of tests to determine whether those criteria have been met.

Each Choice

Base Choice II



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