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Git Rebase Workflow Cheat Sheet by

Focus on Working with rebase over merge and managing commit history. Long form commands are utilized for clarity (and recommended). Includes Graphical interface recommendations.

Start Work

$ git fetch origin
$ git switch -c <branch name> origin­/main
$ git branch -D main master

Parallel Develo­pment

$ git fetch origin
Grab the latest from remote
$ git switch -c <br­anc­h> origin­/main
Create a branch off the mainline
$ git rebase origin­/main
Update branch to mainline
$ git worktree add <ne­wpa­th> origin­/main -b <ho­tpa­tch>
Create a new repo copy to develop a hotpatch

Move Work

$ git cherry­-pick <co­mmi­t>
$ git rebase <branch name>
$ git rebase <co­mmi­t>
Find <co­mmi­t> with
$ gitk

Test Committed

$ git stash --incl­ude­-un­tracked
$ git stash pop


$ git fetch origin
$ git rebase origin­/main
$ git rebase --continue
$ git push [--force] origin <br­anc­h>
on personal branch
$ git push origin --delete <br­­­a­n­c­­h>
Delete Remote Branch

Work in progress

$ git commit --fixup HEAD
$ git config --global alias.f­ixup 'commit --fixup'
$ git commit --fixup <co­mmi­t>
$ git commit --fixup :/<­mes­sag­e>
$ git rebase -i <co­mmi­t>~1
$ git config --global­tos­quash true

Fix Work

Fix Commit Message
$ git rebase -i origin­/main
Important Commit First
$ git rebase -i origin­­­/main
Reorder lines
Combine Commits
$ git rebase -i origin­­­/main
$ git rebase -i origin­­­/main
Break Apart Work
$ git rebase -i origin­­­/main
$ git gui
Use the "­Unstage Lines" feature

The icon operates the whole file

Save Work

$ git add <fi­le>
$ git commit
$ git stash push -m <me­ssa­ge>
$ git stash apply stash^­/<m­ess­age>

Clean Up

$ git fetch origin --prune
$ git switch --detach origin­/main
$ git branch --merged
$ git branch --delete <br­anc­h1> < branch­2>
$ git push origin --delete <br­­an­c­h>



Branch or Remote

$ git push origin main
push <re­mot­e> <br­anc­h>
$ git fetch origin
fetch <re­mot­e>
$ git rebase origin­/main
rebase <br­anc­h>

Cancel That

$ git rebase --abort
$ git merge --abort
$ git cherry­-pick --abort
$ git reset --hard <co­mmi­t>
If the operation completed, find your starting point:
$ git reflog

Don't Do

$ git reset --hard
$ git clean --force
$ git switch <br­anc­h> --force
These types of commands will destroy data, not retrie­vable.


This is awesome, thanks!

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