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PoGo Raids Staff Cheat Sheet by

A quick-reference guide for PoGo Raids server staff.

All Staff Commands

Shares the server invite.
Gives profile setup commands.
Shares the tutorial to invite more than 5 people to the same raid.
Gives a walk-t­hrough of how to host with PokeNav.
Gives commands for hosting with PokeNav.
Inform­ation about double raids.
Give inform­ation about how to verify profile using bot.
Hosting video.
Users can use this to apply to be a mod.
?mi @user
Tags user in current channel to use $mi.
Message to use in raids telling people to be patient.
Sets your AFK message.
Instru­ctions on how to reset raid.
Provides a large image of specified users avatar.
Sends a message to the specified user to remember to use $go and makes a note on their file.

Moderator Commands

Say something with the bot.
?dm @user message
Sends a DM with bot to tagged user.
Displays notes and modlogs.
Mutes specified user for 12 hours. this should only be used when a user has bypassed the bot using the $r command in the raid channels
Applies no host for five days and mutes user for 24 hours. for posting fake raids
Sets the NoHost role for 5d and sends user a DM.
Removes NoHost, no message sent.
Posts a message to all PokeNav channels saying the bot down (inc #profi­le-­setup ect).
Posts a message to above saying cleared.
Posts a message to the raid channels only saying not to spam.
Gives whois, notes, modlogs and trainer profile.
Warns the user via DM by the bot and tags their file. E.g., ?warn UserID Do not post your referral code in the friend code section.
Leave a comment on a users profile. Notes can be positive!
Mutes the specified user for the allotted time - ?mute [user] [limit] [reason]
Unmutes a user.
Get a list of all active modera­tions.
List members in a role.
Supply a reason for a mod log case.
Edit a note about a member.
Change the duration of a mute.
Bans a member from a server. Sends the user a DM with the reason specified and a link to the appeal server.
To view additional Dyno bot commands, visit:

Please note all commands listed on this doc may have been disabled or not be available to you. If you need help, please reach out to a Community Leader

Raid Commands

Sends a message tagging the entire party to back out of the lobby.
Updates the boss or egg for the current raid party. E.g., $b marowa­k-alola
Display the top of channel command cheats­heet.
Displays raid boss counters provided by Pokeba­ttler.
Ends the current raid party.
Extends the raid channel’s expiration time.
Sends a message tagging the entire party to go into the raid lobby.
Display the host’s trainer code.
Kick one or more members from the current raid party. E.g., $kick @Trainer1 or $kick @Trainer1 @Trainer2 @Trainer3
Override number of unique accounts allowed in the current raid channel. E.g., $mm 10
Displays the list of raid party members and their status.
Ask for more help in the raid channel. 1 calls every 120.0 seconds per channel.
Display a list of members you will invite.
Marks you as no longer ready to start the raid.
Sends a message tagging the entire party. E.g., $p an important message to send to everyone
Resets the ready status of all raid party members.
To view additional PokeNav Bot commands, visit:

Please note all commands listed on this doc may have been disabled or not be available to you. If you need help, please reach out to a Community Leader

Safety First

We have a duty to keep people safe here. If there are serious issues with people, inc under age you MUST submit a ticket to discord (it’s very easy!).

Discord Ticket Request

The Role

Our staff play an essential role on the PoGo Raids server. They are the community faces that users see every day. They are a port of call for helping and assisting with questions, problems, and diffic­ulties that users may be experi­encing.

What You Do

Respon­sible for mainta­ining the server, managing channels, permis­sions, bot manage­ment, reviewing and implem­enting new ideas, and general support. Ultimate escalation point.
Community Leader (CL)
Respon­sible for the member community, providing moderation standards and guidance. They handle escalated issues raised by modera­tors.
Engages directly with the user base by mentoring, supporting hosts, being active in the chat and help channels, and ensuring this is a safe place for all to hang out. A Moderators job is to deal with disruptive members of our community by docume­nting any issues they may cause and issuing restri­ctions or warnings where needed.
A Helpers role is to proact­ively find and help members of our community who are strugg­ling—by guiding and teaching users how to set up their profile, host larger lobbies, or answer general questions about the server or the game (using ?tag, for example, as needed). Helpers raise issues such as disruptive members, inappr­opriate content, poor hosting in raids to modera­tors.

How do I become an Admin?

Ukbigdave: Once hell freezes over, you can apply to be an admin. But you will still be unsucc­ess­ful..

(Probably refer to staff generally, I get asked this every other day... it's hilarious)


We don't require anyone to be here 24/7 but ask that there be staff presence during our busiest times. These would be:

- Niantic Events like GoFest.
- First Release Raid Bosses
- Raid Hour

We know that real life comes first - we wouldn't have it any other way. If you feel you are going to be inactive due to an upcoming life event, please let us know!

If you feel you are no longer able to commit time to the server, reach out to a Community Leader to discuss next course of action.

Spoofing Logos

Modera­tors: do not ban without absolute proof of spoofing. Overlays are not necess­arily indicative of spoofing 100% of the time.

If you are unsure, reach out to a Community Leader.

What Should I Be Doing?

Each person works differ­ently, and your strategy for tackling server service will differ. A standard flow of events might look like this:

- Check staff news
- Check Issues for Moderators and Issues for Community Leader threads respec­tively
- Check the modmail and be sure things have been answered, close any open threads
- Check the Trainer Lounge and clean up if necessary - users tend to post non-ar photos in the ar section, referral codes in the friends section, and throw off the number train. These should be warned and noted per case.
- Check help and feedback to make sure no one needs help.
- Sift through the raid channels and offer guidance where necessary, close anything that looks done.

Again, this is a general outline - your order of events will look different! We encourage staff to partic­ipate and interact with the server. Please continue to host or join raids and have a light-­hearted chat with fellow trainers in go-chat!

Dispute Server URL


Quick Guidance

What do I do if there is multiple staff responding to a ping?
We appreciate the enthusiasm in responding to a moderator ping. However, multiple staff members handling the same issue can be confusing for the members. If a Helper is dealing with the situation and has everything under contro­l—p­lease allow them to continue. If the situation is getting out of hand, the moderator must take over.
Can I talk about punish­ments to the general public?
No. It's important to keep profes­sional discretion in mind. Please do not discuss punishment anywhere outside of #staff­-chat or #moder­ato­rs-­chat.
Where should I post my commands?
Please put all commands in the #moder­ation channel. The only thing that is considered okay is having to ?clown or ?troll a member on initial release days as things move quickly.
Remember to check your pins!

CL Advice

What's one thing you wish someone would have told you about being staff that you didn't know?
FlintZSTF: This is hard because I think I had a good mentality on what to expect from being a moderator or a community leader. However, I didn't expect the staff team to have the structure that it has. The rules we have behind decisi­on-­making almost make it feel like it's a job! It's hard to remember that I'm doing this for volunt­eering and my enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, I get enjoyment, but there are times when the server can be harsh, which I did not expect. It would have been nice to know this.
stolip­inovo: If I'm brutally honest, I wish I was aware of how taxing being staff is when it comes to enjoying the server yourself.
Pokémom: Two things: ask the questions you think are stupid - even when you don't want to bother anyone. I didn't want to be a nuisance when I accepted my position, especially during raid hours or new releases. I made things exceed­ingly difficult for myself. Things can happen quickly, and it's better to handle the server than be completely surprised at every turn. So, feel the fear and ask anyway. The second thing is that there is nothing more important than that first week as staff. This is when you soak in the bulk of your inform­ation. It's where you grow into a routine and form good (or bad) habits. Pay attention to everything and soak it all in. It's the best time to pick up new inform­ation!
When you first became moderator, what was something you had absolutely no idea about and found out on your own?
Flin­t­ZS­TF: When being brought into the moderator role, it was my first time being a mod for a server or in general. The biggest thing I was worried about was knowing the commands and when to use them. It was hard deciding if I was using the correct command for the job, and I had to learn over time when to use what commands. This is ultimately always going to be hard for new mods because every case is different, which is why rule #7 exists, lol. But yeah, That was kind of the thing I had to learn on my own mainly.
stol­i­pi­novo: Something I found out mainly on my own was the flexib­­ility to think for myself in the interest of the 'heart of the law' rather than the 'word of the law' if that makes sense. To have a vision and goal in mind of how we would like the server to be, and run decisions, sanctions, etc., to facilitate that goal, rather than having pre-de­­fined outcomes for each scenario.
Poké­mom: Sometimes, an individual in the raid group may become disruptive by making personal attacks, dominating the conver­­sa­tion, or forcing their ideas on everyone else. When a disruptive individual or situation prevents a group from making progress, something needs to be done. I found that "­­doing someth­­in­g­" is not always easy. On paper, it was easy to think that I could jump into any conver­­sation and steer it the way I want it—I quickly learned that people are super serious about their pokemon. It's important to remember as a moderator we are neutral. We are here to establish and maintain the ground rules. It's a bit of a whimsical dance; you say, "I'm here to help you and the community. I won't take over your raid, but I will make sugges­­tions to keep things moving. However, this is your raid, and I want to help you make it work."
What advice would you give to new staff?
Flin­t­ZS­TF: Don't let the role get to your head. Use it with respon­­si­b­i­lity. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We are all in the same boat. Don't compare yourself to other staff members; everyone learns differ­­ently (these are very cliche answers, but I think they are true and great advice). Simply put, do your best and enjoy your time on the server.
stol­i­pi­novo: Advice to new people would easily be to take breaks if and when they need it.
Poké­mom: Don't try to do it all yourself! Lean on your team - there is something they can teach you and vice versa! We are all in this together.

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